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Bring out your pencil and paper – Testing crossword answers

  • 13/10/2010
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  1. A logical expression that can be evaluated as true or false is called a _____ ( CONDITION)
    4. A test environment is also called as a test ___ (RIG)
    6. This malware has derived its name from a story in Greek mythology (TROJAN)
    8. Selenium is implemented as a ____ extension ( FIREFOX)
    9. A successful review process requires planning , participation and _____ (FOLLOWUP)
    11. LoadRunner , Silk Peformer , JMeter – Find the odd man out (JMETER)
    12. One of the 6 basic security concepts that need to be covered by security   testing (INTEGRITY)


  1. _____ Quality is 3.4 defects per million lines of code (SIX)
    3. Bandwidth utilization is a _____ statistic measured in performance testing (NETWORK)
    5. What connects SCRUM , XP , Crystal Orange (AGILE)
    7. QTP has a default time out between test steps of _____ seconds (TWENTY)
    10. Buffer _____ can be caused by entering extremely long strings into a user interface input field (OVERFLOW)


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