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Call for Submissions Update for 2017

  • 20/02/2017
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  • Posted by Iris Pinkster - O''Riordain

The deadline has passed for submitting to speak at EuroSTAR 2017 and we’re well into the review process for this year’s conference. We received a huge number of submissions from around the globe and these are already being reviewed by our panel of volunteers and Programme Committee to determine the best possible line-up of peer-endorsed talks on software testing in 2017. Thanks to everyone who has submitted – we appreciate you making the effort!

Following submitter feedback from 2016 we have extended the submission deadline until Sunday (from the previous cut-off of Friday) to allow some extra weekend time to complete submissions – and the community responded with close to 50% of submissions coming in over the last few days.  

The review process is drawing to a close with some of our 40-strong review panel starting to review the submissions. The coverage of topics and origins of submitters are varied but from those already reviewed the standard remains high.

To assist with the workload and to help facilitate a smooth transition between 2016 and this year’s event, we’re delighted to announce that Anna Hoff will return to the Programme Committee for 2017. Anna’s experience as a Committee member, speaker and attendee broadens the overall expertise of this year’s Committee in conjuring up the best line-up of speakers and presentations for EuroSTAR attendees.

As a member of the Committee for EuroSTAR 2016 in Stockholm, Anna is well placed to help in applying learnings from 2016 to build an even better conference programme in the year ahead.

Myself, as Programme Chair and this extended committee are committed to evolving the EuroSTAR Conference programme in 2017 to reflect the challenges testers face in modern software projects.

The review process will finish in early March before we visit EuroSTAR Headquarters in Galway to piece together the “Magic of Testing” puzzle and create the programme for EuroSTAR 2017 in Copenhagen.

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of March and the Programme will be officially announced on the EuroSTAR website on April 19th.

Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to apply and good luck to all!

See you in Copenhagen,

Iris Pinkster

Programme Chair

EuroSTAR 2017

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