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What you can expect from being a EuroSTAR TestLab Apprentice

  • 17/06/2011
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We won the EuroSTAR TestLab Apprentices competition last year and had a marvelous experience. This also meant that we are appointed to run the TestLab this year in Manchester. And we are ready to take care of the new apprentices!

Let us tell you a little of what to expect if you become this year’s apprentices.
Running the EuroSTAR TestLab is similar to software testing itself — the most important ingredient is people. The TestLab wouldn’t be much without people running it or people attending it. Firstly, we have to consider a number of stakeholders and their interests: Ourselves; EuroSTAR organisation; invited experts; lab rats; visitors (skilled, newbies, different schools, different cultures); and sponsors. Secondly, we have to make sure that the interests of these stakeholders are met in some way. And we need to have a strategy for dealing with this.

It is really like a mix of having an open house and being a test lead handling several projects at the same time. We serve different stakeholders; the plan is ever changing; each stakeholder value different things. Just like in the real world…

That being said, being apprentices is a really fun and honorable assignment. All you need to have is an expertise in test methodology; test management; leadership; and technology.
Oh, and you also need to be fearless; sociable; pedagogical; able to improvise; able to organise; structured; humble; and have a good sense of humour. Nothing more than that! ;-)

As soon as you are appointed as apprentices we will kick-off the project by bringing you up to speed as soon as possible. This is indeed a team effort and the key things are communication, spreading information, and asking questions. All in order to create a common understanding on what needs to be done; how to do it; and when we do it.
We will, together with you, plan the project and discuss on how to implement and realise the TestLab; and we will detail all things needed in order to setup the TestLab once we arrive in Manchester.

If you want to learn more about some of our experiences as TestLab Apprentices during the conference, you are most welcome to read our blog post: Stories from the EuroSTAR TestLab

AND…most importantly – Enter the TestLab Apprentices Competition Now!

Henrik Emilsson & Martin Jansson

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