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  • Iris Pinkster - O''Riordain

    Quality @ Speed – Transitioning to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

    A lot of companies want to put more speed in their delivery of software to customers and with that the same or preferably a higher level of quality. C...

    • 20/06/2017
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    • Posted by Iris Pinkster - O''Riordain
  • Michał

    End Users Involved At Last

    Quality Assurance is a broad term which reaches far beyond testing itself and touches all aspects of product development. It spans from the implementa...

    • 14/04/2016
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    • Posted by Michał
  • EuroSTAR

    Agile & Process Maturity – Of Course They Mix!

    Over the coming days, we will be adding blog reports specific to EuroSTAR 2009 from a variety of different contributors. The article below is from Eam...

    • 09/12/2010
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    • Posted by EuroSTAR