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Some Changes to Test Huddle…..Sorry Huddle

  • 27/07/2016
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  • Posted by Ronan

As you may be aware, in the last week or two, the TEST Huddle community has undergone a number of changes to the website. We wanted to improve the website functionality to make it easier for you to use. We want the Resources area easier to access, to navigate and for you to find the software testing resources that you want. All of these changes have been implemented recently but we still have more to come. Here is a quick guide to what we have completed so far…


Not TEST Huddle…but Huddle

As you may have noticed, we have dropped the TEST from the TEST Huddle and it’s now just the Huddle. We are bringing EuroSTAR and Huddle closer together so the site is now the EuroSTAR software Testing Huddle. Yes, quite a mouthful so we have just shortened it to the Huddle. will still take you to the community so no need to change that bookmark!


Home Page

Home Page Guide


As you might have noticed we have updated the Homepage to make it easier to browse. The page is clearer, you will be able to find what you want in the community or just simply browse what is available.



The Resources section has been updated as well. We have brought all the Resources under nine different areas. Our new Resources section means that all the different type of resources related to that area (webinar, ebooks, podcasts and more) are together. So you can download ebook, watch a webinar or listen to a podcast together.

Resources Guide 1


Each area will list all the resources related to that topic. If are looking for a particular resource, you can select by type to find what you want.

Resources Guide2


This is just the start of the updates we have planned for the Huddle community. If you have any thoughts on the changes on the Huddle or have suggestions of what we should do next, let us know here.


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