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Coaching Software Testers – Webinar with Anne-Marie Charrett

  • 27/07/2012
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In english, the verb “to know” can mean one of two things. You can know a fact or you can be in a relationship with a person or a thing. I know March 17th is St Patricks Day and I know I’m Irish. Similarly, I can “know” software testing by rattling off and regurgitating terminology or I can “know” software testing by understanding how to ask useful questions, think critically and apply this knowledge to my testing. You get this authentic knowledge (tacit knowledge) by performing testing and observing and reflecting on how you test.

The coaching model that myself and James Bach use teaches testers to inquire and think for themselves. The student performs testing tasks and through their observation and reflection learn to know software testing.

In this webinar, I’ll be using examples from coaching sessions that demonstrate the coaching we do as well as give insights as to how this coaching helps to motivate and eventually liberate the tester.




New! View the Q&A session here.

As there was an overwhleming response during the Q&A session answers will be posted on the EuroSTAR blog separate to the recording. Once these are up we will let you know via our Facebook &Twitter profiles so make sure you are connected with us so you don’t miss out!


annemariecharrettwhiteAnne-Marie Charrett is a software testing trainer and coach with a reputation of excellence and passion for the craft of software testing. Anne-Marie graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Middlesex University and since then has worked as a tester, test manager and test consultant.

Anne-Marie offers workshops and consulting on Exploratory Testing, and Coaching. She regularly speaks at conferences both in Australia and internationally.

Anne-Marie offers free IM coaching to testers and developers on Skype (Id Charretts) and is working on book with James Bach on coaching testers. You can find Anne-Marie blogging or on twitter at @charretts.

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