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Coffee Cup Series – A Sigma Production

  • 17/10/2013
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Swedish Company Sigma have produced a series of videos as part of a ‘Coffee Cup’ Series which is a series of videos which use the them of each of the Keynotes from this year’s EuroSTAR Conference Programme.


Video 1: How to Call a Bluff

Inspiration: Keynote 1: Skeptical Self-Defense For The Serious Tester Or, How To Call A $37 Billion Bluff


Video 2: Social Testing

Inspiration: Keynote 2: Testing Machines As Social Prostheses


Video 3: Time for Release

Inspiration: Keynote 3: Creating Dissonance: Overcoming Organizational Bias Toward Software Testing by Keith Klain


Video 4: Every Think is Possible

Inspiration: Keynote 4: Every Think is Possible by Ian Rowland

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