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  • 30/08/2010
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My name is Eric Jimmink. I’m writing this entry to introduce myself, and to give you an idea what to expect from me in the coming weeks.

I have about 12 years of experience in software testing and I have also about a decade of programming experience, part of those being concurrent. Agile at heart, I see the two disciplines as different but non-exclusive. I have contributed to several conferences, written a few articles, and co-authored a book. Passionate about sharing my experiences, I really want to be at EuroSTAR this year.

At EuroSTAR in 2008, I was selected as a speaker. During that event, my colleague Anko Tijman and myself also launched our book about agile testing (Dutch title: ‘Testen2.0 – de praktijk van agile testen’). Work is still underway to produce an updated version in English. Of course, I will blog about my progress there, and give a few sneak previews.

Shortly after EuroSTAR2008, I made a blog post based on an insight that was part of my presentation. (It can still be viewed at ) The point that I tried to make and clarify, is that projects using modern architecture or business process middleware naturally gravitate towards an agile style of project management. Also, ‘agile testing’ may very well require two very different approaches. At one level, testing is highly business oriented, whereas on another level, there is also testing that has to be performed in a rather technical fashion. In my experience, this is best implemented by having more than one tester on a project team, as the tasks require vastly different skill sets.

In the next few days I hope to write about various topics, all relating to (agile) testing in one way or another. I will post a list of some of those topics (my product backlog) as well, and I am open for comments on what questions you would like me to answer. I have plenty of work ahead of me that I can write about. I’m preparing for several conferences, and next Thursday I’m attending an open space event. I will definitely write about my experiences before and during the Agile Testing Days in Berlin. Over there, I have a presentation and a full day tutorial together with my colleague. The presentation materials for those two are still far from being finished, and it’s only 5 weeks till the event.

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