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Community Choice: A Word from Your Speaker

  • 08/06/2012
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Community Choice Winner Srikanth Krishnan

srikanth-krishnan_144x197At the outset I would like to first thank EuroSTAR for asking me to participate in their Community Choice competition. More and more conferences around the world are exploring new models of community engagement to tailor their offerings to their audience.

This reduces the risk of mismatched expectations in terms of topic selection & talk content. While I readily agreed, I was also anxious about the expectations from the community & engaging in a format (blog) that I had not done before.

But the spirit of learning, I thought “what donesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”. The process was surprisingly smooth, the EuroSTAR team was extremely responsive & supportive, giving me suggestions & encouraging me on.

While promoting my nomination I found that a lot of the engagement with testers was happening on other channels (like email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc). But I was assured that interaction was good & they were not worried that it was all not happening on the blog.

I had a few suggestions in handling the comments on the blog & Peter was supportive in actioning some of them (Some were parked for the next time around). Frankly what surprised me was the amount of support I received from my network (I call them my peeps!)

I realized the true power of the network as I saw comments & mail pouring in from various sources, and even people I had not directly requested, commenting or dropping a mail to say they voted for me.

I am truly over-whelmed and would like to thank all of you. I hope that I can meet the expectations of the Community come November.

I would also like to congratulate the other participants, especially Shubhra & Mark Robinson. Hoping to see your presentations in some other forum soon!

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