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Community Spotlight Presents Anne-Marie Charrett

  • 05/07/2013
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The Community Spotlight is a brand new feature on the EuroSTAR Blog which brings to focus those who matter in software testing industry in Europe – you, the members of the EuroSTAR Community! 

We want to give you the chance to get to know more about your peers throughout Europe and share your own experiences, career highlights and some fun facts with the testing community by taking our Community Spotlight interview.

This Community Spotlight features Anne-Marie Charrett, Ann-Marie is a regular contributor to the EuroSTAR Community and this year she will be presenting a full-day tutorial on ‘Coaching Software Testers’ and a track Session on ‘ Curiosity Killed The Cat But What Kills Curiosity?‘.

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Anne-Marie Charrett


2.Where are you from?

Born and bred in the Ireland but now living in Sydney, Australia.


3.Where do you work?

I run my own software testing consultancy, Testing Times where I offer training, coaching & software testing services to software testers.


4. Can you tell us how you got involved in testing?

I’m an electronic engineer by trade, I started testing European Telecommunications standards for ETSI, I got hooked and I’ve been testing ever since.


5. How many times have you been to EuroSTAR?

I’m a virgin attendee, this will be my first time going.


6. What’s your favourite hobby?

I love to read and I love to run though not at the same time.


7. What would you have been if you weren’t involved in testing?

You know, I’ve asked myself this question many times! I honestly can’t think of a profession that I would enjoy more. Perhaps I would have gone into some sort of data analytics, or become an electrician.


8. Have you any advice to give to a young tester or someone just starting their testing career?

If its not fun, ask yourself why? Try not to take people’s advice as gospel, but work out your own path if you can. Above all, trust yourself.


9. If you could do a project with one other tester/developer/programmer who would it be?

I work with lots of wonderful testers in Australia such as Margaret Dineen, Richard Robinson and Kim Engel but I really enjoy working with James Bach (we’ve been working on a coaching model for testers for some time). To test a product with James would be a valuable learning experience and I think it would also be really fun.


10. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you like to have with you?

some good books, a hammock and an espresso machine.


11. What has been your biggest software testing challenge so far?

My current biggest challenge is hosting Tasting Lets Test – a one day conference in Sydney, Australia on the 5th of August. Its a conference by testers for testers and is jam packed with testing goodness!
I’ve not run a conference before so there is a lot to learn, but I get inspired and motivated when helping the testing community grow. My goal is to change the face of software testing in Australia. From what is was three years ago to what it is now, is truly amazing. We have more to do, but with the help of some dedicated testers such as Ale Moreira( @testchick) who is running WTANZ (WeekEnd Testers Australia New Zealand), Richard Robinson (@richrichnz) and Kim Engel (@kengel100) great things are starting to happen.
We also have Lets Test Oz a 3 day conference with James Bach, Fiona Charles, Keith Klain in September on the Gold Coast next year.
So In the phrase immortalised by our now ex prime minister Julia Gillard, BRING IT ON!!

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