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Comparison of Cross Browser UI Testing Tools

  • 02/07/2013
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Summary: There are various types of testing tools available in market that are capable of performing testing activity in cross browser. Here is the article imparting comparison between different types of testing tools that are used frequently by the testers. Increase your understanding over testing tools and select best among it to enhance your in-house testing activity.

Exploring the Testing Tools-Introduction

Below is a comprehensive list of cross-browser testing tools? Some of these tools work on different versions of IE only, but most of them support more than one browser. Refer to the table at the bottom on this page for a summarized info on these tools.

1. BrowserStack

With BrowserStack, testing any webserver that is running on your desktop, production environment or a public web server is made simple. It creates a tunnel between the remote browsers and your machine to enable local testing. Multiple tunnel connections can be set up to test the sub domains in your app. It also lets you test HTTPS pages and local design files such as HTML, CSS and JS.

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2. BrowserShots

BrowserShots is a very comprehensive and easy-to-use testing tool that can provide screenshots of your webpage in different browsers running on different operating systems. When a URL is entered, it is added to the job queue and will be processed as soon as the previous jobs are completed. It is best to go for “Don’t Care” settings to make sure your job gets completed quickly.

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3. SuperPreview

This tool from Microsoft can be used as a stand-alone tool along with any web-authoring tool or can be integrated with Expression Web. As a first step, baseline browser – the browser for which the app was primarily developed must be defined. Then the comparison browsers on which your app must be tested should be specified. A number of layout options and view modes are provided to make the comparison easier. Other tools such as rulers and guides point out the alignment differences, while arrow tool helps you highlight an element.

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4. Lunascape

Three engines – Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox) , WebKit (Safari/Google Chrome) have been integrated into a single browser to help you switch engines easily. You can specify which engine a specific page should open with in order to simplify cross browser testing. The Highlighted Search feature in Luascape 6.2 helps you look up a word or sentence on the Internet in a jiffy. This tool also supports mouse hotkeys and gestures. A native RSS feed reader is included. You can also customize it with skins and adapt to your needs with plug-ins. Lunascape is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, while the one for Mac OS is coming soon!


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5. IETester

This is a free tool for both professional and personal usage. It can test your site on IE10, IE9, IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Windows 8 desktop, Windows 7, Vista and XP. For now, only alpha version of this tool is available. Minimum requirements to run this tool are – Windows 8 desktop, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with IE7.

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6. IE NetRenderer

This free tool lets you check your website on Internet Explorer versions from 5.5 through 10. It is suited for web designers working on Apple Mac and Linux. Even tiny positioning discrepancies between IE6 and IE7 are captured with a unique Mixed Overlay and Difference Mode.


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7. Spoon

Browsers run on isolated virtual environment, and so installations are not needed to make use of this tool. Several versions of IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera are supported by this tool. Each browser can be launched individually after which the URL to be tested must be entered.


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8. Browsera

Multiple pages can be tested simultaneously with this tool. Any cross-browser layout problems for your site will be automatically highlighted. Also, JavaScript errors will be reported so you can find the scripting errors with ease. HTTP Basic authentication and application-based logins are supported. Even pages built using dynamic technologies such as AJAX and DHTML can be tested with this tool.

This Browsera tool is free if only one user needs to test 25 pages. Howler, other plans exist for a more diverse testing requirement.

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9. Browserling

This one is a relatively new testing tool that supports several versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The sessions are interactive and screenshots non-static. The free plan is perfect for those who want to try out this tool before going for the other priced ones.

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10. Mogotest

A great cross-browser testing tool to help you figure out how your page looks across different browsers. It also displays reports such as health report and cross-browser compatibility report to indicate broken pages, links etc. Any damage caused to the appearance of your webpage on previous browser versions due to JavaScript/CSS changes are also captured. This tool also lets you test private pages that are secured by a firewall.

With screenshot comparison tool, it also helps the user in fine-tuning the design of the web page. To help organize your test plans; this tool lets you create flexible test groups to test different areas of your site. The 14-days free trial is useful if one plans to buy a package ranging from 99$ – 499$ per month.

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11. Cloud Testing

SiteReplay and UserReplay are the two most important functionalities of this tool. With SiteReplay, you can understand what content was displayed on the page, while with UserReplay you can record every visitor’s session for analysis. It is easy to pinpoint the problems with a user’s journey through the web page, so it can be fixed quickly. No pricing information is mentioned on their website.

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12. Multi-browser Viewer

With 55 virtualized stand-alone browsers, this tool lets you test your webpage by running real browsers. This tool also provides 85 screen capture image browsers to help you identify any potential errors. The onion skin and side-by-side functionalities you can create a design that is pixel perfect! It is also possible to run a spell check in four languages – English, Spanish, German and French. This tool can also automatically validate and correct HTML errors as well as prompts for recent browser and application updates. You can also customize you application with six different themes.

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13. CrossBrowser Testing

This tool lets you test any AJAX, HTML forms, JavaScript, and from your own browser or with a remote VNC connection on a number of browsers and operating systems. It provides automated screenshots so you can identify design errors and fix them. You can also take a snapshot or video of such problems and share them with your team. It also provides localhost support to let you test development/QA environments protected by firewall. Sites that need basic authentication can also be tested with this tool.

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14. BrowserSeal

An easy-to-use and fast cross-browser testing application that come sin two editions – Standard and Automation. The Standard edition will do good to individual users to capture screenshots, while the Automation edition captures multiple screenshots across browsers with no user interaction. It does not just provide screenshots but actually comes with browsers so you can verify the layout of your website and fix any proximity errors.



15. Browserbox

This is a simple tool to help QA and developers test their websites across 20 versions of 12 browsers. However, there are a few known issues which might get fixed in future releases. Since this tool is free, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot for one off testing activities.

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16. Litmus

Litmus generated previews of your webpage across different browsers in a jiffy. With quick and hassle-free page previews, it is easy for you to find what doesn’t look right. You can run the testes from your Mac as well. With unlimited page testing for every plan at no extra charge, this tool can be a boon to big projects.
This tool is not just about testing websites. You can also open emails that you have typed on an email client to see how it looks. As it is compatible with any email provider, you can preview your emails without any hassle. You can also get your email scanned by spam filter to see whether your email will reach the inbox of the receiver.

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17. Utilu IE

This tool comes as a collection of various versions of Internet Explorer to help developers see what their website looks like. It also has IE developer tool so as to help the developers troubleshoot with ease. It also has the option of installing Firebug web development extension for IE to make web development easier. This application comes as a customizable installable so you can install only the components you deem necessary. All you need is a valid Windows license to make use of this application.

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There are plenty of tools available in the market for commercial as well as personal use. Some of them can just be used for cross browser testing while other tools’ functionalities have a wider scope. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can buy/ download a tool to help web development/testing activities.

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