Software Testing Conference – Convince Your Boss

Ready to Convince Your Boss? Here’s What To Do:

There are so many fantastic reasons why to attend the EuroSTAR Conference in Antwerp. Since you already know how awesome the conference will be, it’s time to persuade your boss of the same! We have made a very simple plan for you to do this with help of the Convince Your Boss Kit. All you have to do is download the kit and complete the following steps.

1. Familiarise yourself with the Conference Programme & Speakers

The 2020 programme will be released in April. Discover what topics and sessions will be most beneficial to you and your company. Identify what goals can be achieved and what problems can be solved by attending Europe’s largest testing conference.

2. Draft The Perfect Email Request – download this template.

Create a list of skills you plan to strengthen, include the sessions and events you plan to attend from. Using our template, provide your boss a clear breakdown of the costs involved in travelling to & attending the EuroSTAR Conference.

3. Use The Convince Your Boss Kit To Support Your Request

The Convince Your Boss Kit entails exactly what EuroSTAR is, what can be learned and why we’ve grown to become the largest Software Testing Conference in Europe. Download the kit using the form. You can send this directly to your boss in combination with the Email template.

4. Get Further Support

If you’re finding it difficult to get approval for EuroSTARConf, we can help! Get in contact with us by phone on +353 91 514 470 or send us an email to [email protected] . We are more than happy to help in any way that we can.

Our Convince Your Boss Kit has proven to be incredibly effective for software testers & QA professionals, seeking approval to attend the EuroSTAR Conference. We look forward to welcoming you to Prague this November.


Convince your boss to attend EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference
Software Testing Training Europe

Benefits of Attending EuroSTAR  

The EuroSTAR Conference has been described as ‘the Mecca of testing’. It both inspires and rejuvenates attendees through knowledge sharing by accomplished experts, learning and creativity to generate new ideas and solve problems. 

When approaching your Manager for budget approval to attend the EuroSTAR Conference, it is important to demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment) and how your attendance will benefit your company. The following points should help you to build your case and our handy Convince Your Boss pdf is ready to be emailed as supporting collateral when meeting or discussing your conference attendance with your Manager. 

1. Strengthen my skill set 

With 60+ sessions on topics from Automation to Critical Thinking from world renowned speakers, I will broaden my knowledge with real world information and processes that I can put into practice as soon as I return to the office, resulting in an increase of work productivity and team efficiency.

2. Solve ongoing testing issues 

The EuroSTAR Test Clinic is where attendees can bring difficult day to day testing challenges and a designated ‘Testing Doctor’ will work to solve the issue or find a consultant who will solve the problem.

3. Pick up ideas we can apply to our business 

The speakers at the EuroSTAR Conference share real-world case studies from a broad spectrum of companies and scenarios with an emphasis on learning from other’s mistakes. I will focus on the talk and workshops that will help us achieve our company goals. I will get ‘hands-on’ testing experience in the EuroSTAR Test Lab, where I will try out new testing techniques. Combining my own notes with post conference slide sharing, I’ll have plenty of information and inspiration to share with the team when I return.

4. Find new vendors and potential resources 

The EuroSTAR Expo is the largest software testing expo in Europe and will be packed with companies showcasing the latest testing tools. This will give me the opportunity to assess the potential for better pricing, better results or both! View this year’s Exhibitors

5. Make valuable connections  

With 1,000 attendees and multiple networking opportunities from Lean Coffee micro talks, Couch Chat Sessions with industry experts, lunches and more informal networking at evening events including the Community Dinner and Gala Awards Night – the EuroSTAR community is a collaborative network that I can tap long after the conference. We can also use it as a potential talent spotting opportunity if hiring in the future.

Convince Your Boss Kit

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