Convince Your Boss

So you know the brand, you know the reputation, you’ve decided to immerse yourself in the community at Europe’s favourite software testing event. You’re interested in learning, in networking, in knowledge sharing, in idea creation and problem solving. Trust me, we understand and we agree!

But now you must convince your boss. So where do you start? This might like an intimidating process, but we will be with you every step of the way. Like everything, it’s all about preparation. Throughout our lifetime we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to convince a boss, we’ve collected stories and heard from countless employees.

Our approach is simple – first, download our convince your boss kit and second, use the information you’ve learned to help fill in the perfect justification letter, a letter that’s so compelling your boss will struggle to say no!

We’ve created a guide to help you justify your trip!

manage-your-boss1. Download our Convince your Boss kit. In this kit we outline some really neat facts, figures and have even included testimonials from previous delegates!

2. Use this email template to help write the perfect email to ask for approval! This templates includes conference information, logistical information, what you plan to achieve from attending the conference, and an email for you to customize and send to your boss.

3. This year we have decided to provide further support for our community. A dedicated EuroSTAR Account Manager will happily make a no-strings attached courtesy call to your boss – about why you need to attend EuroSTAR. Simply contact us at [email protected] 

We want to wish you the very best of luck!


Convince Your Boss Kit