Since it’s launch in 2015, the Test Clinic has generated a lot of interest amongst software testers. The Test Clinic offers you the chance to get your software testing problems solved by experts in the field. Come to the doctor’s clinic for help. No matter if the problem is big or small, they will do their best to fix your issue.


The EuroSTAR 2016 Test Clinic was a great success. Led by our test doctors Christin Wiedemann and Arphad Toth, the team solved numerous test problems and helped testers return to the their work with solutions to try out. This year at EuroSTAR 2017 the Test Clinic will return with two new test doctors to help you solve the testing issues that you might have.


If you want guidance and help, the Test Clinic is the place to turn to.


How it WorksTest Clinic

The Test Clinic process is simple. In the area there is a big lovely blackboard wall. You simply post any questions, conundrums, problems and tales of test woe then wait and hear (on that very same big lovely wall) from the many testing professional’s onsite that could resolve that problem!

Over the course of the Conference there will be test consultants on hand at the break sessions to help you out with expertise in areas such as:

  • Agile
  • Mobile
  • Test Automation
  • Functional Testing
  • And More


2017 Doctors

2017 is a special year as some of the original Doctor crew are returning to run the Clinic this year. We welcome back Huib Schoots who will be joined by Pekka Marjamäki, Erkki Pöyhönen and this year’s successful volunteer Roland Leusden. Find Out more about the doctors here:

Huib Schoots

huib schoots

Huib is a tester, consultant and people lover with almost twenty years of experience in IT and software testing. He shares his passion for testing through projects, consulting, coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of test subjects. He is an agile and context-driven tester who is one of four instructors of Rapid Software Testing. A member of TestNet, AST and ISST, black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of software testing and co-author of a book about the future of software testing. Huib was the first doctor of the Test Clinic in 2015 along with this year’s Chair Iris Pinkster-O’Riordan. 



Pekka Marjamäki 

Pekka MarjamäkiThe guy who does a lightning talk and uses 20% time to make people shout “TESTING” as loud as possible. The guy who does extempore workshops on test strategy in the hallway. That guy is Pekka Marjamäki. When cut, he bleeds f***ing software testing! Context-driven software tester who has a knack for coaching, problem-solving, out-of-the-box thinking. Currently a software testing specialist at Solita Oy, Finland. Years of experience from different projects ranging from virus protection to logistics acting as a test manager, devops-dude, coach and code-breaker. “Always be braver than the next guy!”.



Erkki Pöyhönen

Hailing from the coastal town of Karhula in South-Eastern Finland Erkki works as a test manager in Tieto, a rather large Nordic IT service provider. Erkki originally started in software development before moving across to software testing. He was Programme Chair of EuroSTAR in 2004 and was voted “Tester of the Year” in Finland in 2008. He was also the 1st ISTQB Vice President. 




Ruud Teunissen

Ruud Teunissen is active in testing since 1989, with passion for the profession. Throughout his career he has played almost any possible role in testing (tester, test manager, test trainer, coach, sales, manager, test consultant, …) in a variety of environments and companies. Ruud is co-author of several books on structured testing, including Software Testing: A Guide to the TMap® Approach. 

Ruud is a former Chair of EuroSTAR, chairing the Conference in 2015 in Maastricht. 



Roland van Leusden

Roland is a senior test consultant with an in-depth experience of functional testing, test automation and performance testing utilizing open source and commercial tooling. Roland has a broad knowledge and experience with Agile, Scrum, Continuous Integration and DevOps. 

His experiences with off shore (India) and near shore (Romania) together with his interest in people who are involved in the project, ensures a pleasant and targeted attitude where quality and punctuality are very important. In collaboration with the client he creates significant improvements in enterprise performance using a blend of technical, functional and industry-specific expertise. Roland enjoys to share his knowledge and experiences with customers, in articles and at (inter)national conferences. His hobby is electronics where he develops IOT devices using the Espressif platform and the restoration of vintage (tube) Audio Equipment.




2016 Doctors

Christin Wiedemann         Arpad Toth

Christin Wiedemann Test Clinic Arpad Toth


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