Get ‘hands-on’ at the Test Lab!

The EuroSTAR Conference Test Lab has become a firm favourite among attending delegates. That’s because the Lab is an opportunity to meet new friends and to learn something new outside of the conventional classroom setting or your working environment. This year at the Test Lab there is something different happening. Test Lab creators James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack return as Test Lab Masters intent on taking things up a notch!

It’s time for Test Lab 2.0

James and Bart are building an all-new playground! The TestLab at EuroSTAR 2016 will let you shake down a cluster of interdependent servers, get to grips with a handful of open-source tools, make first-hand observations of first-time users, explore unit test coverage and trigger emergent behaviours. If that’s not enough, you can spend a happy moment playing in certification corner with IoT puzzles designed to illustrate techniques from testing exams, or take a robot for a walk. Get ready for Tuesday night’s hackathon, and pick up one of our coveted (yet cheap but very priceless) awards.

At the heart of the Expo, the EuroSTAR Conference Test Lab is your opportunity to give real, hands-on context to ideas you’ve heard speakers talk about in sessions. Run by testers for testers, we have set up a range of environments and testable systems to help you practice what you’ve learned. We have an open, friendly atmosphere to include you in conversation and discussion no matter what your level of experience, and have put together plenty of testing challenges to get you started.

EuroSTAR 2014 Lab EmmaYou’ll find test professionals sharing how they test, consultants showing you how their ideas change their work, tool makers helping you to use their tools, and all sorts of ways to get your hands into the gritty business of work. Bring your laptops, tablets and smartphones, and join us to rediscover the joy of testing!

In a fine blog post from 2011 Shmuel Gershon described what Test Lab really is: “ It is a fun environment where one can come, meet an unknown tester and set off for an uncommitted testing session. [..] There is something magical in practicing with others – something happens when we experiment and practice… We gain insights when we attend conference track sessions. But we acquire the knowledge as our own property when we experience and share.

EuroSTAR 2014 Lab AdinaExperimenting adds innumerable layers to our learning experience. For starters, we engage multiple senses – a conversation is very limited on that aspect, and a frontal lecture even more so. The senses exercised on the Test Lab will add more than sight and tact, they add sensations of expectancy (as in “will this work?”, “will it crash?”), will add the wonders of error/failure (as in “no it didn’t”) and all you can learn from that.

So if you want to spice up your EuroSTAR experience and bring back experiential practice, don’t miss the opportunity of meeting passionate people at the Test Lab. And if you want to double-spice it, apply to be the next Test Lab apprentice.”


2016 Test Lab Crew

James Lyndsay – Test Lab Master


Tutorial I_James Lyndsay

James has been testing since 1986, and has worked independently since setting up Workroom Productions in 1994. As a consultant, he’s worked in a variety of businesses and project styles; from retail to telecommunications, from rapidly-evolving internet start-ups to more traditional large-scale enterprise. He’s worked to technical requirements for companies that make and sell software, to commercial requirements for companies that buy and use software, and to unexpected requirements everywhere. He’s been in and out of agile (and Agile) teams since 2002. James was an internal irritant to the ISEB exam process for five years, is a regular speaker and occasional teacher, runs LEWT (the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing) and has won prizes for his papers. He was awarded the EuroSTAR Software Testing Excellence Award in 2015 for his contribution to testing in Europe.

James is one of the founders of the Test Lab. He is looking forward to being back the Test Lab at EuroSTAR 2016 with some new and novel developments.


Bart Knaak – Test Lab Master

bart knaack

Bart Knaack is an all round IT professional working for the Dutch company Professional Testing BV.. He is a well known speaker at numerous different conferences including EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days and more.

Bart is one of the co-founders of the Test Lab along with James. He is also delighted to be back at the EuroSTAR Conference where the Test Labs started in 2009.

Test Lab Apprentices

After a thorough application process, the Test Lab Apprentices have been selected. They are:

W2 - Eddy Bruin

Eddy Briun

Eddy Bruin has been working as a test consultant from the beginning of 2008. His passion lies in the areas of agile, testing, usability and mobile. He helps teams in enabling feedback loops in order to deliver better products. Eddy loves giving training on Agile Testing and to discuss the topic over a special beer. Eddy currently is a QA lead for an international courier.




Stefana Ioana Chiorean

Ioana is a software engineer that has more than 6 years testing experience with a specialization in mobile apps. Currently located in Romania she is leading a small team in an outsourcing company. In her free time she contributes to Open Source projects while enjoying a coffee or a good wine. She is the Module Owner for Mozilla Reps and one of the MozTechSpeakers.



Open for Sponsorship

Each year the Test Lab fills up with testers trying out different tools, games, challenges and more. The Test Lab needs equipment to run successfully. If you are a company and would like to sponsor devices, would like to donate devices for the length of the Conference, sponsor challenges and events, then get in touch with our sponsorship team here.


Have a look at some of the highlights from previous Test Lab’s!


The 2015 Test Lab in Maastricht was run by Adina Moldovan and Guna Petrova with Apprentices: Susan van de Ven, Jyothi Rangaiah and Carly Dyson.

The 2014 Test Lab at Dublin was run by Ruud Cox and Adina Moldovan with the support of and their crew:  Erik Stärling and  Ru Cindrea, as well as with the help of their apprentices: Emma Keaveny and Guna Petrova.

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