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Cost saving is only an appetizer benefit for companies that outsource software testing

  • 22/11/2011
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According to Forrester 86% of companies that outsource testing report very impressive results (Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AppLabs, May, 2011).

Cost benefit, no doubt is one of the reasons why enterprises are voluntarily adopting outsourcing but it is not the only reason and may not be the towering reason anymore.

1) Reduced testing cycle: Staffing unskilled testers many a times lead to delay or lag in project schedule which ultimately reflects in delivery schedules. Thus outsourcing testing requirements to a testing vendor will help enterprise overcome this problem as outsourcers can involve their huge testing teams into your project and help you meet tight delivery deadlines.

2) Plug-in for meeting temporary demands: Practically speaking it is not possible to meet the demand for testing services when it exceeds the capability of existing teams. Maintaining quality and quantity at the same time is a risky task. To surpass such surges in demand, enterprises can take help of testing vendors. Whenever any such demand comes in, testing vendor’s team act as a plug-in to deliver that extra work and helps maintaining a balance in your team’s efforts.

3) Overcome testing requirements: A single firm can’t be an expert in all the technologies. Testing is no exception. In that case, outsourcing vendor having expertise in the required technology area can step in and help you sail successfully.

4) Freedom from setting up testing environment: Each testing demands a pre-specified testing environment under which that test can be executed. Thus, putting together an efficient test lab and maintaining it might prove to be a costly business. An outsourcing firm can help you restrain such efforts and investments.

5) Ability to focus on core capabilities: Outsourcing testing service allows you to focus and develop center of excellence in enterprises’ core capabilities which might not be testing. This takes away the cost and overheads of recruitment, training, maintaining and retaining testers from the enterprise.

6) Reduced time to market your products: One of the most time consuming phases in the entire SDLC is testing phase. Testing is often ignored or considered as the least important task in the list. Hence, it keeps delaying until the last day of product delivery thus making testing a culprit in the eyes of the customer. Outsourcing testing to third party removes the cause ensuring that the product is ready within the scheduled timelines.

7) Innovation in testing processes: Testing vendors having worked with various other industrial clients gain experience from each project thus innovating new processes. Hence they know which process will suite your project requirements and give maximum returns using it.

8) Improved business performance and monitoring: One of the main benefits of outsourcing to testing vendor is that they help you fine tune your apps performance to meet business requirements under the real life scenario and monitor them for any criticalities in future.

9) Meet Security Audits: Increasing pressure from SOX and other industry compliances have exposed the vulnerabilities that an app contains which might lead to cause like hacking. Outsourcers characteristically have more matured processes that regularly contain auditing and the best way to accomplish it successfully.

10) Develop custom testing solutions that focus on your industry: The testing requirements for each industry varies based on its technology platform and IT infrastructure. Thus there is no standard formula to achieve a bug free quality app. Each app which is developed to perform business specific function needs to be tested based on that industry standards and business requirements.

11) Leverage the right third-party tool expertise: Testing vendors bring with them the expertise to use the third party testing tools. With the growing technology and upgrading complexity in the functionality of testing tools makes it mandatory for its users to familiarize themselves with each and every option available which is not an easy task. Testing vendors, have been using these tools for years are well versed with its functionality and best practices to gain the most out of it.

12) Independent Verification & Validation: Most of the enterprises trust the software vendors for building their quality apps. However, they are surprisingly reporting poor quality and bugs in these apps. Third party testing vendor can help you assess the quality of the software and give unbiased report based on audit.

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