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Day 4 – Goodbye EuroSTAR 2018

  • 20/11/2018
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As it was the last day, delegates utilized every possible opportunity to ask all of their questions to conference speakers, test clinic consultants, expo booths, huddle members and fellow delegates. During this all days, I have collected many ideas and got many useful tips. I was seeing all the participants engaging themselves through asking questions, sharing ideas and little more hustled up as this is the final day of EuroSTAR 2018 because that was their chance to leave the conference with a tick in every box. I was fascinated by the opportunities that all the participants have had. Here are the most important takeaways from the day four sessions I attended. 




Keynote 4: The Dragons of the Unknown – James Christie

This speaker started his session by explaining why to handle the complexity as safety experts. Importance of knowing what is not known that every complex system has. Though some of its components are broken, still it remains valuable. It can be either a piece of code, component or anything. Which he calls it as ‘Dragon Unknown’.  Then this speaker related, the way of getting away with a problem due to the dragon unknown, with ‘pissing in your pants’ theory. When a complex system has unexplored area, and it gives an undesirable result, humans are not the one to be blamed. Finally, he compared human mistakes with variation

Session Take Away:

  • Whatever the result of the system can be, It’s all about people
  • How they approach towards the complexity of a problem is what matters
  • No machine can be blamed as a technical problem – it is a pep problem


Testing Techniques from the Jurassic Resurrected – Bart Knaack

This speaker started his session by asking a question as where to start when we have to test new technology and he explained how new technology can be tested by reusing the same old techniques that had been forgotten (just because it is old). This session reminded about how the testing in old days can help us to understand testing the new technologies with nowadays. 

Session Take Away:

  • Just because you don’t know does not mean it is unknown
  • Just because it is old, does not mean it is not valuable
  • Draw lessons and references from old to the new


Keynote 5: What is your overall career goal? – Karen N. Johnson

This keynote session outlines possible answers to find the ultimate goal of a person that would balance work demands, personal and family needs.  It helps to break legacy down and made each and everyone from the gathering to pause for a moment and to look back and think what was that we wanted to achieve. Through her personal stories, she answered all the essential questions that could help us to find our ultimate legacy

Session Take Away:

  • How to discover the purpose of your career legacy
  • How to revise our own goals towards our career legacy



From Rookie Tester To Test Automation Expert – Jani Haapala (Do Over Session)

EuroSTAR 2018 provided a fantastic opportunity of listening to the most popular two track sessions voted by delegates. This is one such session and it was my excellent opportunity to catch this talk which I had to miss earlier. This speaker shared his experience on how his career changed from seeing testing as a mere phrase into a continuous, integrated and automated set of tasks and actions.

He gamified his talk in different levels and explained what and how did he achieve his goals on each level in his personal journey and shared his ideas to help everyone to find out the beast they have to fight for and how to isolate an issue with “Jailing the Tests” strategy and to improve the whole process.

Session Take Away:

  • Identify the challenges in different levels
  • How to prepare a safety net that could help us to overcome our challenge
  • How to jail failing tests
  • Have a quest for wisdom in critical parts of the system you are dealing


As you can see, there is a lot more to grasp, and all the sessions were beneficial to make yourself learn and grow better. Finally I came home with lots of new ideas to try out!





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