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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

  • 10/03/2016
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committee meeting 2016 offices

Shmuel Gershon, Ruud Cox & Jon Bach outside the EuroSTAR offices in Galway, Ireland.

It’s March and we’re really excited here at EuroSTAR HQ. Not because St. Patrick’s day is coming (Ok we’re a little excited about that! ) or that we’ll soon be eating Easter eggs, but because the Programme Committee was in town to pick our EuroSTAR Conference Programme 2016. We’re not the only people excited by this news…

Programme Chair 2016, Shmuel Gershon, and his team of Jon Bach Ruud Cox arrived in Galway on Sunday evening and met up with the EuroSTAR team for a tasty dinner before retreating to their hotel rooms for much needed rest ahead of their two days of difficult decision making. Our fourth committee member, Anna Hoff, was unable to make the trip to Galway but she Skype’d in Monday morning.

committee meeting 2016

Conference Chair 2016, Shmuel Gershon, and his team of Ruud Cox, Jon Bach and Anna Hoff (on Skype)

There was a record number of submissions this year (nearly 550) and the quality of each one was excellent. This didn’t help with the selection process, but after two long days, and many cups of coffee, the programme was finally confirmed!

I caught up with the Programme Committee and asked them

What excites you about this year’s programme?

Here’s what they had to say…

Jon Bach (eBay, US)

Ruud Cox (Improve Quality Services, NL)

Shmuel Gershon (Intel, IL)

The Programme for the EuroSTAR Conference will be live on APRIL 8th so make sure you add this date your diary.

Not sure you can wait till October for the EuroSTAR Conference? – Why not join the EuroSTAR Roadshow! This April 27th we’ll be heading to Warsaw for a one-day testing event with some amazing speakers. Find out more Here >>

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