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Declan and Isa’s Sessions + more – Review

  • 14/11/2018
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  • Posted by Nicola

Day one of the conference went incredibly well, and it was about workshops continuation, keynote talk, different track sessions, expo area, trying out different networking games, community interactions and shared experiences. I have attended two tracks and won many goodies from different games in the expo area. Here are the most vital takeaways from the two sessions I attended along with the fun I had throughout the day.


Understanding the Test and Risk in Bitcoin – Declan O’Riordan

This session started with explaining 10 risk assessment mistakes that are easy to make along with an example of Bitcoin and how it evolved as a product from proof of work into a solid withstanding product of current century. Declan O’Riordan is an NCSC certified Security & Information Risk Advisor. Increase in Bitcoin mining speed from time to time proves how fast is its growth is along with its exponential increase in difficulty. Moreover, the reason still all the hashes generated traces back to its genesis block that was made on 3rd Jan 2009 along with why we cannot merely reverse any hashes made by the Sha-256 cryptographic algorithm was genuinely surprising. This speaker made an obvious point that soon this Bitcoin technology of asymmetric computing will be breakable due to quantum computing. So, his suggestion was to look for a bigger picture and adapt towards the inevitable future and keep moving on.

Take away from this session was testers need to accompany developers based on current trends without ignoring difficult risks.


Testing In The Hundred Microservices World: When The Pyramid Becomes An Hourglass – Isa Vilacides

The speaker of this session was Isa Vilacides, she is working as a Director Engineering at CloudBees and she has worked with Atlassian, she kick-started her session explaining the differences between monolithic architecture and microservices architecture then its pros and cons in the pyramid of testing (E2E, Integration & Unit tests). One of the major cons was there is no set up to mock the evolving changes. To do that she brought up a system to monitor the production environment continuously and it mocks according to the unexpected real-time changes. Then she combined it with the other positives from the test pyramid and restructured it. Which made her introduce a tool called PACT and she explained how it helps customers for contract testing to overcome all the issues. Finally, she ended up her talk with different ways of safe rollouts, they are dogfooding, feature flag development and staged rollouts.

Here are the few main takeaways from this session

* Focus on integrations between consumers and providers than the tests and its changing values

* Accommodate the production set up to know if something goes wrong at first hand

* When something goes wrong in production, it should affect the least possible customers

By the end of day one, I realized EuroSTAR conference is different with lots and lots of unforeseen opportunities to network from the expo and huddle area and to learn from different sessions. I couldn’t find enough time squeeze in to catch up with all booths at the expo area which I am hoping to do in my next two days.

For after party event I went to the test lab party at Crazy Piano. As the name sounds the music was extraordinary, the flow of energy throughout the event was terrific. When we entered the venue, the atmosphere was great, and the music slowly started to take us over, and many of us ended up on the dance floor. The singers and players were energetically taking requests. Meanwhile, there was a tremendous variety of food at the buffet to satisfy everyone. Had a great evening there and it was absolute fun and welcoming.

So overall my day one went great with takeaways from two sessions, lots of surprising games at expo area, fun at test lab party. I’m sure everyone has taken something different to take away from the first day. Still, there are more updates to come for the next two days so stay tuned.





Darwin S. 

Community Reporter for EuroSTAR 2018

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