Deep Dive Speaker Checklist

Congratulations! You’re Speaking at Mobile Deep Dive!

Now what happens?

If you’ve spoken at a EuroSTAR Conference before, you should know the drill. If you are a first time speaker, welcome! We look forward to seeing all speakers in Maastricht.

Your presentation should be in the Mobile Deep Dive 2015 template. You can download the template here:


Your presentation file needs to be uploaded by October 2nd (red means “Seriously, we’re not kidding!“).

UPLOAD COMPLETED SLIDES – Dropbox will open in another window!



Here are a few things for all speakers that help us to help you make things run smoothly during the conference.


1. Are you happy with your biography and photo?



“Yes” (Great, skip to Number 2) or “No” (okay, let’s get that fixed…)


Your bio & photograph appears below your session details if you click through from the programme. If you really want to make a change, then email us with the Subject Line: “I wanna change my bio and/or photo“. Include the latest photo as an attachment and/or new biography in plain text. The photo should be a recent head shot (ideally a high resolution headshot in .jpg or .png format). Your biography should be around 80-100 words – if you really want it to be longer than that, that’s okay but we will need to reduce the length for print materials so keep the really good stuff inside the first 100 words.

2. Plan ahead preparing your presentation

Your presentation needs to be uploaded to the website by October 2nd. (Do that here!)

Most presenters tend to use Powerpoint. We prefer Powerpoint. We’re also happy with Prezi. If you intend to use other presentation software contact us with the Subject Line: “Presentation Software Alert!” and we’ll see if it can work – we’ll try to accommodate alternatives but sometimes our hands are tied.

All presentations get converted to .pdf by us for sharing purposes. Use fonts that can be read relatively easily on a presentation screen – think about people sitting at the from the back of a 10 or 20 metre room. Hopefully your session will be full and so the back of the room need to see too.

Please don’t alter your presentation title, this leads to confusion. If you really want to help us – save your file with your session title as the label – this speeds things up slightly for us.

For consistency, all presentation slides need to use the Mobile Deep Dive Template. Some people forget to do this. Some rebel. Most speakers play ball though and it’s nice when they do. You can include your own company logo but please keep it to just the first slide. This is a requirement. If the slides are not in the correct format, we edit them. That’s the way it works. Please save us the effort.

Estimated Number of Slides:

  • Track Session 22
  • Keynote Session 25

Note: If you have additional handouts, you need to supply them. We can’t facilitate printing on-site at short notice.

3. Who knows you are speaking at Mobile Deep Dive 2015?

Have you told everyone you’re speaking at Mobile Deep Dive 2015? You should. You should also share your 10% discount code – that’s 10% off the registration fee for whoever you decide to tell. Didn’t get your discount code? Email us with the subject line “What’s my discount code?” and we will resend it.

4. Attending the EuroSTAR Conference

If you are presenting at Mobile Deep Dive, you are invited to attend the EuroSTAR Conference (Tue PM-Thurs) free of charge. This doesn’t include Monday or Tuesday tutorials – if you wish to attend those please contact Siobhan for details on pricing.

5. Other Stuff!

Hotels, Travel, Social Events etc.

Details on discounted hotels can be found here. If you’ve never been to Maastricht before – here’s a few routes to consider. It’s a beautiful city with lots to do and see!

The Conference Awards Dinner takes place on Wednesday night – all Deep Dive Speakers get a free ticket to the Conference Awards Dinner (non-transferable, sorry!) – if you don’t want it tell us because there’s limited availability for this event and others will want the ticket if you don’t!

These 5 guidelines will get you started. We’ll be in touch with more as the conference draws near. If you need anything else in the mean time contact Siobhan.