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Discussing Quality: What is good? What is bad? What is ugly?

  • 06/07/2011
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Zeger Van Hese ia a test consultant working at CTG Belgium. Shmuel Gershon is a Testing Engineer at Intel Corporation. Both are EuroSTAR 2011 Online Ambassadors, and they decided to do a short video blog about EuroSTAR 2011, and this year’s theme ‘In Pursuit of Quality.’ We think it’s pretty darn good! What do you think?

Want to do a video blog of your own for the EuroSTAR blog? Get in touch with [email protected] and she will tell you all you need to know.

Zeger and Shmuel would like to remind you all that this video blog is subtitled, and you can select this option on the video by clicking the cc option. Enjoy…and let us know what you think of the very first EuroSTAR video blog!

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