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Diversity in Testing

  • 07/10/2016
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Diversity in Testing

EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference acknowledges that there is ongoing discussion on the topic of Diversity in Testing. The diversity in tech debate has spurred on many testers to highlight this issue. This year at the EuroSTAR COnference there will be a special keynote panel with a number of guests moderated by Huib Shoots. The panel will discuss diversity in all its forms; not just gender but education, certification, exploratory, and more.

The panel will be looking for questions both at the event and before. You can submit your question now and shape the Panel’s discussion.

Here Huib Shoots explains more about the Panel.


Diversity in Testing

The topic for the panel discussion at the EuroStar conference is “Diversity in testing” and I am very honoured to be asked to facilitate this panel discussion. On Wednesday afternoon at 16:00 as a closing keynote, a diverse panel of testing experts will discuss issues surrounding diversity in testing approaching it from many different angles. Think of the obvious like man – women diversity, a topic that is discussed almost every day. It is considered a good thing to have more women in IT and in leading positions within IT. But how can we accommodate this? How do we get more women interested in tech jobs? But there is more to diversity as only gender diversity, also diversity in race is an important topic where we see a dominant role for white people. Figures for the USA show that the majority of people working in IT are still white male.

You can also think about diversity in the educational background, personality or thinking from different perspectives. A bit closer to our craft there is the topic of diversity in testing communities and testing approaches. You can also look at diversity in testing itself: a single technique or approach will not be able to find all bugs. So we need lots of different points of view, approaches and techniques.

Approaching the Subject

You can approach “diversity in testing” from many different angles and I am curious to know what you think is important to discuss. The EuroStar community and the audience at conference will be able to submit questions  before the event at the Community Huddle and live in the event hall. So if you are interested in diversity in testing and you have a statement or question you the panel to discuss, please post your input on Test Huddle here.

Three of this year’s keynote presenters will take part in the discussion as well as three other conference speakers.

The participants are: Anne-Marie Charrett (AUS), Ben Simo (USA), Liz Keog (UK), Anne Mette Hass (DK), Noam Kfir (ISR) and Rik Marselis (NL).


Ben Simo

Ben Simo


Rik Marselis

Th12 - Noam Kfir

Noam Kfir






Tues Tut K - Anne-Marie Charrett2 - web_201441093519

Anne-Marie Charrett

Liz Keogh

Liz Keogh


Anne Mette Hass







A diverse group of people from different continents, different backgrounds and active in different communities. Of course we are happy to have a panel with a balanced gender diversity.


Hope to hear from you on Test Huddle. Let us know what you think are interesting topics for the panel to discuss. Of course I also hope to see you in Stockholm at the Panel discussion.


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