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End of the Road or Time for a Road Map?

  • 30/06/2014
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Stephen Janaway’s blog – The End of the Road for Test Managers? – and the comments added by readers certainly chimed with the experience of many of us.

The pressure to deliver software quickly is inevitable as customer expectations and tech developments race ahead. Agile and Continuous Delivery have risen to the fore and yet our experience shows – working on critical projects with major corporations – that no matter the development practices, quality is far from assured.

It forced us to drill down into why software is consistently delivered with overruns and the need for re-work. We came to a clear conclusion and it pushed into territory that we’d not addressed before – requirements management.

Some 50 per cent of bugs can be traced back to ambiguous requirements. We realised that without clarity, it didn’t matter how good the testing teams or Test Managers, everyone was driving in the dark. And that’s before you consider introducing outsourcing.

It pushed us to develop Agile Designer – it storyboards requirements so you can easily share and clarify project requirements but that was only the start. Underpinned by algorithms, the tool designs the smallest number of test cases to provide the maximum amount of functionality.

Let me give you an example. An international financial services company revealed that it took six hours to manually create 11 test cases – and the result? They succeeded in testing only 16% of coverage. Using Agile Designer, it took two hours to create 17 test cases but it achieved 100% coverage.

What’s significant for the test managers is that this can all be visually represented, clearly communicated and the way is clear for the next stage of development.

As someone who has been involved in test data management for 30 years, I’m passionate that development has to be test driven, shifted left, and, essentially, that teams have the tools at their disposal so that they can deliver.

We think that a road map that talks to everyone from C-level to testing teams has to be a vital step forward.

About the Author: Huw Price

huw price grid tools_150x225Huw Price has been the lead technical architect for several US and European software companies over the last 30 years.  Huw is Managing Director of Grid-Tools, a leading test data management vendor and Chief Technical Architect at Agile Designer.  Huw has been guest speaker at many conferences including Oracle, HP, Star East and the IIBA’s UK Chapter. He was awarded “IT Director of the Year 2010″ by QA Guild and is an adviser to Kings College KCL.  Huw also has experience offering strategic advice to large corporations like Deutsche Bank and Capgemini.

Grid-Tools will exhibiting at the 2014 EuroSTAR Conference.

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