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End Users Involved At Last

  • 14/04/2016
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  • Posted by Michał

Quality Assurance is a broad term which reaches far beyond testing itself and touches all aspects of product development. It spans from the implementation standards, used frameworks or tools to working processes and practices. I think that a vast majority of testers know or feel that.

There is one more aspect that affects the quality to a great extent – interpersonal relations. Although it’s been there for years in Agile Manifesto and it has been mentioned multiple times in various trainings, not many of us fully appreciate how important this factor really is. For sure, I didn’t for a long time.

At EuroSTAR Roadshow in Warsaw, I’m going to talk about the experience I gained a few years ago. It was the time when I fully realized how relations (or lack of them) could affect product quality. Try to picture a situation in which end-users are completely separated from the development team. A highly important group of stakeholders, who use the software 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, completely cut off from the development team.

In Warsaw, I will guide you through a journey of trials and errors that aimed at improving the collaboration with our end-users.

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Michał Stryjak is QA Manager at PiLab. Currently involved in testing a product that helps identify patterns and relationships of data elements between large, complex data sets that may be scattered around the company. Since 2007, when his adventure in testing begun, Michał gained experience as Tester and Test Manager at Siemens, Volvo or Objectivity. He quickly realized that testing itself does not improve the quality so he started to focus on processes and relations. He discovered that the real key to Quality is a well-organized team and efficient communication with project stakeholders.

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