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The EuroSTAR 20 Year Club…

  • 06/10/2016
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  • Posted by Lorraine

So who runs this club, how do I join and how much does it cost?

Well it turns out that it’s a very small and elite bunch of people, and nothing but time is going to earn you a place in here…

It’s a very special honor to become a member of the EuroSTAR 20 Year Club, and it’s our pleasure to reward such outstanding loyalty.

The EuroSTAR 20 Year Club members, are people who have attended, either as a delegate or speaker, at least 20 EuroSTAR conferences – these don’t have to be in consecutive years, but you need to have achieved attendance at (as it, you officially appear on the attendee list for that year) at 20 of our conferences.

After your 20th conference, you get the keys to the kingdom, and become a “lifer”… meaning that you can attend EuroSTAR for free, forever more. Kind of like one of those million airline miles moments!

The EuroSTAR ‘million milers’ are Dorothy Graham (since 2012), Mark Fewsted & Stuart Reid (2014), Paul Gerrard & Graham Freeburn (2015).

We are always proud, delighted and honoured to welcome new members to this very exclusive club.

If you believe that that you have attended 20 EuroSTAR Conferences – or that you will do so in the next few years, then please let us know! We are happy to check and confirm attendance records for you. Email [email protected] with any queries.

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Lorraine Banks has managed the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference since 1998. Over the last 18 years Lorraine has seen EuroSTAR change immensely, and stay the same! The European Software Testing Community has emerged around EuroSTAR become a very significant force in the last few years. EuroSTAR moves to a different European location every year and brings it’s own unique fun and energy to every city. Lorraine’s blog gives some insight into the thoughts of the EuroSTAR Conference Manager, and some helpful tips for making the very most of your conference experience.

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