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EuroSTAR 2010 – Amazing Experience

  • 01/12/2010
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Fantastic Experience at EuroSTAR 2010

Have you observed the energy on twitter around the #esconfs hashtag? There’s so much happening at EuroSTAR 2010 that I feel very happy to be part of this wonderful conference.

You can feel the passion for testing – the very theme of EuroSTAR 2010 conference.

Excellent tutorials on Monday followed by the opening ceremony by John Fodeh on Tuesday.

Each of the tutorial sessions was amazing. I attended the ‘Just In Time Testing’ by Rob Sabourin and ‘Test Framing’ session by Michael Bolton.  The most important point for me is how much can we apply to the day to day scenarios. I agree that context matters a lot and it might differ a lot too. I am confident that the participants from each of the tutorials and sessions can take a lot back to their organizations.

After the tutorials, it was time for some quick energetic track sessions. The more sessions you attend, the more you appreciate about the diversity in the presentation contents. Kudos to the EuroSTAR team for the wonderful selection of presentations. One cannot make everyone happy but EuroSTAR seems to know the trick.

It was hard to miss Andy Glover aka The Cartoon Tester and his cartoons booth right next to the reception. There was hardly any moment when he was alone. He was always busy interacting with lots of testers visiting the booth. Well, his cartoons speak for themselves.

The sessions by Henrik Andersson and Fredrik Rydberg highlighted how they benefited from Exploratory Testing. It is always good to hear real life stories than just principles, theory and words. We need people who have walked the talk and demonstrated the results. Henrik and Fredrik are two such people. Thank you for the great presentation.

Let me give you a teaser. There was a Danish Alliance last evening after the conference sessions ended. There were close to 20 passionate people in a room with lightning talks, pizzas, drinks, chocolates and some music :)

This morning, it was time for Carsten, myself, Lynn among others to present at EuroSTAR. Carsten Feilberg’s presentation on ‘Managing Testing based on Sessions’ was excellent. It was a full house. SBTM ~ MTBS was cool. In his presentation, Carsten highlighted how the management must be tolerant to mistakes and grant freedom & responsibility to the testers. His answer to an audience question was straightforward. The answer to ‘How do you know if a mission is broad or narrow’ was ‘Try It!!!’ How will you ever know if you do not try but expect all the information beforehand.

Next was the expert panel answering questions. It was broadcasted live to the world. Hope you caught it. As expected, there were questions on tester\developer skills, igniting passion, tester-developer ratio, technical skills and we ran out of time :) Lee Copeland was the facilitator. Some of the tweets for this panel discussion are tagged #esconfsEP

Just after the Expert Panel finished, I had my presentation on Weekend Testing. Hmmm, was I nervous? I don’t know. I felt that the message of ‘Better to fail in a safe environment’ & ‘Practice testing skills regularly’ went well with the audience. Special thanks to the audience. The presentation received a ‘Standing Ovation’ (once again) after the call by Michael Bolton. Weekend Testing is for you – the community and the applause is for you – the software community.

Special moments : A lot of questions were asked and thanks to everyone who attended the presentation.

Next we had a session at the Test Lab – The Weekend Testers turned Lunch Time Testers. two missions, pairing, bugs, de-brief. AMAZING Experience. Thanks James Lyndsay and the TestLab team.

The last session I attended was by Lynn McKee on ‘Inspiring Passion in Testing Teams’. If you wanted an example of ‘Walk the Talk’, Lynn McKee is a wonderful example. The talk was so inspiring and filled with passion, it deserved a full house :)

Its time for me to rush to the next keynote. See you later. Enjoy the tweets with hastag #esconfs

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