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EuroSTAR 2010 Conference – Did you CONFER

  • 06/12/2010
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When you attend a CONFERence, what do you expect? An impressive list of keynotes, half day tutorials, full day tutorials, sessions, presentations and some lessons you can apply directly to your work.With EuroSTAR 2010, my expectations were simple. Meet lots of passionate people, present the session on Weekend Testing, do justice to BlogSTAR and thank the organizers.

I went out for for dinner the day before the conference started with few passionate testers. Markus and Michael were still stuck at airports. Our discussion was not limited to just software testing. A great networking opportunity, to know people whom you knew just by their online twitter ids or blogs.

The first day had full day tutorials with lots of breaks in between. What did you do? Did you meet any colleagues you had never met before? Conferences act as a good opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds, each with their own context. There is a very good saying by Alfred Sheinwold: ‘Learn all you can from the mistakes of others.  You won’t have time to make them all yourself.’ I agree with the quote. It is really useful to make new connections, share and learn from each others experiences.

EuroSTAR 2010 provided a lot of networking opportunities. There was a dedicated Web Village with laptops, cappuccino and live display of the #esconfs tweets. There was the Expo Show with lots of vendors proudly displaying their tools and solutions. There was tea/coffee and some cookies to be enjoyed during the break. If one needed even more strong places to network, TestLab topped the charts. Speak the language of testing and network faster.

And finally no conference is complete if you fail to CONFER – discuss, argue, share, learn. I along with my colleagues CONFERred. If you get another opportunity to be part of any conference, remember to take part in the most important activity of any conference – CONFER.

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