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EuroSTAR Ambassadors Have A Vital Role

  • 13/02/2012
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The lovely thing about the EuroSTAR conference is that it is planned by testers, for testers. Many first time attendees are there because others in the testing community have recommended the conference as a place for meeting other like-minded testers (some of whom will have the same difficulties that you face, whilst others have some answers to the self-same difficulties).

Whilst enthusiastically recommending the EuroSTAR Conference comes naturally to many, it is the ‘job description’ of EuroSTAR Country Ambassadors. The team are looking for a diverse range of people who will impart their EuroSTAR knowledge and wisdom, discussing its merits to colleagues, and gatherings of testers in their own country. The application process for Online and Country Ambassadors is now open, and closes on Friday, February 17th. Further details can be found on theEuroSTAR website, whilst applications should be made to Emer in the EuroSTAR offices –[email protected]

The EuroSTAR team will provide Ambassadors with milestones and guidance for their year as an Ambassador. For those chosen to be Ambassadors, there is the satisfaction of helping the European and global testing family, as well as involvement with the conference itself and an increase in their profiles as testers. Ambassadors are also awarded a free conference place at EuroSTAR.

Ambassadors can spread the message about the EuroSTAR Conference by attending testing conferences, using their own contacts (and possibly Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter) and in many other innovative ways. An applicant must have been to a EuroSTAR conference (preferably at least one in the last 2 years), and be ready for the challenge. It is ‘our’ conference, and the more people that attend, the more the testing drum will be banged in the business world..

The role of EuroSTAR Ambassador has been in existence for a number of years, although it has changed over time. One of the most prominent people who have fulfilled the role is the late (and lamented) Brett Gonzales. As he has worked in most of the countries of Europe, Brett has been Country Ambassador many times, for many countries (frequently Ambassador for a number of countries for the same year). He even organised a meal for Country Ambassadors at one of the Stockholm conferences (I forget which one of the three occasions the conference was in the Swedish capital it was). At the dinner, sixteen Ambassadors attended, all of which were Brett!!! Never daunted by a challenge, Brett managed to eat all sixteen main courses, but could only manage twelve puddings!

Oh Brett, you are gone but not forgotten! The mark you made on the testing world has inspired, inspires and will continue to inspire testing excellence in us all.

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