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EuroSTAR guide to the Galaxy

  • 22/09/2011
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How can you shine at EuroSTAR? In this blog I want to show how you get there. I read the program and I tell you in three steps how to go the Galaxy

Step 1

Before you can go to the Galaxy, you first have to tackle some problems on earth. Paul Gerrard tells us about “chasing Tornadoes or just hot air? This is about the pursuit of Quality. In his paper he gives interesting insights how the vision on Quality can change if you look from a different angle. As testers we must connect to the point of view of our stakeholders. This can be difficult as I found out while writing my first book (with a colleague) about testing and stakeholders (“the Q-mystery, the hidden connection between testing and the optimal return on investment”, hopefully soon available in English). I am curious how Paul is going to build the bridge between the two groups. Otherwise we, as testers, won’t leave ground for the Galaxy.

Step 2

After leaving earth in the right direction we must cross the clouds. And clouds can be difficult for testers. They influence our view and therefore it is important that we have a vision on those clouds. On the congress Richard Sykes (‘the new testing: Delivering assurance in the age of the virtual”) pays attention to this subject. He states clearly that testers need new skills because testing in the cloud demands more “orchestration of all the resources engaged (people, process and technology)”. If you have the orchestration in your hands this will lead to more confidence of the business.

Kees Blokland (‘chasing Quality in Cloud Computing. Testing different levels of quality requirements) looks at clouds from a different angle. He looks at the consequences for requirements en the dependency of the ‘evil’ internet. What are the changes for testing when our system hangs out in the cloud?

That our trip to the Galaxy won’t go without problems seems evident and that’s why we need Houston to help us. Rien van Vugt and Maurice Siteur are there to help. They tell a story of the pro-active test manager. How can intakes of tests, tell us more about the stories behind the requirements so you tackle problems even before testing has started. Besides this, they will tell more about understandable metrics to be in control. Very interesting although I have my doubts because the results of the Dutch Software Testers Benchmark (the European version of the benchmark will start on EuroSTAR) show that metrics are not very popular among testers.

Right, we are in the Galaxy now and then the last third step:
How can we shine at EuroSTAR? It is about doing things at a congress and you will have a great return on investment! It was great and a good experience to make a videoblog with my EclipseIT colleagues in Copenhagen. It is an interactive way to get in contact with presenters. Presenters are willing to make a statement or answering your questions in front of your camera. Even without your camera it is good to have an open dialogue with the presenters and most of them are willing to tell you more then they could present.

Another great thing to do is twittering. It gives you the possibility to have discussions without disturbing the presentations and you can follow discussions at other sessions. And during the breaks you can discuss further on and meet the people who tweet (and then you can see if there avatar resembles), because nothing can replace human contact.

In these three steps I have tried how you can shine as a EuroSTAR in the Galaxy. The only thing you have to do is to register and you know what, we can shake hands in outer space, so let’s meet in Manchester

And by the way, the answer is 42.

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