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The EuroSTAR Huddle Books Swap

  • 19/10/2016
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Book SwapA lot has been discussed about the decline of the book, the rise of the ebook and the change in people’s reading habits. Yet the noble book remains as popular as ever. Testing books are no exception. Despite the abundance of eBooks, blogs and more, the software testing book still retains its popularity.

In recognition of this and to acknowledge that software testing books can be hard to locate in different languages, EuroSTAR launched the EuroSTAR Book Swap at the EuroSTAR Conference in 2015. Designed to let you share your testing books the Book Swap is the place to hang out, read and find some material to learn  while you are at the Conference.

The Book Swap is located in the EuroSTAR Huddle. There is a nice couch area so you can read at your leisure. Browse the library of books and find a book to add to your library.


Introducing the EuroSTAR Book Swap

It’s simple. Just donate a Book at the Book Swap location. Pick one that has been helpful to you. If you have written a book or books on testing, you are welcome to donate to the big Book Swap.

Leave the book with a note for the next reader if you like. Then search the shelves for a book that you want to read.

The Big EuroSTAR Book Swap can be found at the EuroSTAR Huddle for the duration of the Conference. If you would like to donate a book or two, just bring it along with you.



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