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EuroSTAR Software Testing Report 2014

  • 13/11/2014
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 Get a first glance at the results of Phase One of the PAST Study


Towards the end of November, EuroSTAR will publish the results and findings of the first EuroSTAR Software Testing Report – phase one of a comprehensive, longitudinal study of Practices and Attitudes in Software Testing (PAST).

This preliminary study examined selected software testing practices and attitudes including where testing and test automation was addressed in the life cycle; what testing certifications and qualifications were held and their perceived value and whether testing costs and value were effectively tracked and reported. The Phase One data was gathered in the form of a 15-question survey at the 2013 Conference and subsequently online and included respondent age, job title and category, annual salary and years of experience in their current position and in software or testing.

If you would like to access this report or would like to participate in subsequent phases of the study, you can do so over on our new community platform Planning for Phase Two is well under way and it is expected that data collection for this phase will begin early in the first quarter of 2015.



Last year at EuroSTAR Conference 2013 in Gothenburg, we launched the PAST Study aimed at exploring how European software testing professionals currently undertake their testing practices and their attitude towards the future development of their profession.

The first phase of the study involved a 15-question online survey which was completed by approximately 270 attending delegates at the conference and subsequently by a further 360 through the EuroSTAR Conference website. Of the 600-plus participants in Phase One, close to four hundred have committed to participate in Phase Two of the study.

 Shape the future of testing, share your PAST!

Any questions relating to the EuroSTAR Software Testing Report 2014 and PAST Study can be directed to [email protected]

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