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EuroSTAR Spring Webinar Series

  • 29/03/2013
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This week we hosted the ‘Spring Webinar Series’ featuring some of the top software testers from the UK and Holland. If you attended we hope you really enjoyed it, if you didn’t don’t worry the webinars are available in our webinar archive!


The first webinar took place on Tuesday 26th. Bram Bronneberg (CGI, Netherlands) gave a webinar on ‘Co-Leadership – How being a leader is within your reach.’

How many of us see ourselfs as Leaders? Can you state outright that you are a Leader? Leadership isn’t for the happy few, it is for all of us. Everyone in the team can and must be a Leader, but you do need to step up to the plate. Scary isn’t it… A lot of people feel that they aren’t listened too in their team even when they are the subject matter expert? They have tried to state their views but the team didn’t seem to listen to their point of view. And the frustrating part, the exact thing they warned about happend and they end up picking up the pieces. Seems familiar?

Bram told us the fictitious story of Bob the tester who just started his new job after being educated in all the testing and quality principals. We saw how Bob starts from a happy, eager teammember almost on the top of his personal mountain but ends up slipping down the slopes through stages of stagefright, frustration and eventually giving up. Bram then looks back at why he slipped and what he could have done to climb back up again. The takeaway is that you need to be on the top of the mountain, being proud, confidant and examplar so you will be seen as a Leader in your respective specialty.

You can watch the webinar here.

The second webinar, on Wednesday, was by Geoff Thompson who spoke about ‘The Third Project Paradigm’.

“Many times we find our capability as testers being measured on our ability to help a project or program deliver to budget and on time. A lot of the time one key measurement is not included: Quality. How many of us are given quality objectives to achieve? Not many in my experience.”
This presentation looks at quality – it attempts to define it, and uses real life examples to help us understand quite how complex a subject this is. Focus is also given to looking at how some companies have made it very simple and are using their product quality to gain real market advantage.

You can watch the webinar here.

The third webinar by Nathalie van Delft took place on Thursday 28th. Titled ‘Creativity to show the way in Software Testing.’

Nathalie explained how common techniques like mind-mapping and plain modeling techniques are translated to a more artsy form to help testers, but especially non-testers, to get more engaged and grow interest and understanding in software testing. That’s because artistic styles, as we know from ‘regular’ art, tend to invite questioning and that leads to debate and learning!

You can watch the webinar here.

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