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The EuroSTAR Team Visit Maastricht

  • 05/05/2015
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Last week the EuroSTAR team had the pleasure of visiting the splendid city of Maastricht to view the venues for the Conference Awards Dinner and Community Dinner 2015. We were very impressed by everything we saw so I said I’d tell you a little bit about what you can expect… 

Conference Awards Dinner at La Caverne

La Caverne Collage

Our first stop was at the fascinating underground caves called La Caverne. These caves date back to the early 20th century when the inhabitants of Geulhem, fearing the French occupiers, took refuge in an underground shelter chapel of marl (Marl is the local name for limestone). The first excavation of this marl took place about two thousand years ago by the Romans and over the years these man-made caves evolved to become domestic dwellings for locals. By 1925, la Caverne had established its first underground theatre and has been a great venue to entertaining guests ever since.

The vast and intricate nature of the caves creates a truly unique setting for the conference awards dinner. On the night of the conference awards dinner, we will have tables lined up and down the various tunnels and attendees will be able to view the main stage on TV monitors that will be scattered throughout the caves.

Not only is the venue amazing, but so is the food :-)

Community Dinner at Chateau Neercanne

Visit Chateau Neercanne Collage

Our second stop was at the magnificent Château NeercanneThe château is located just north of the Belgian village of Kanne, south of Maastricht. In fact, you can enter the château through the Netherlands and exit through Belgium. Its restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star since 1952 and similar to La Caverne, this venue contains caves which are now in use as the wine cellar of Neercanne. Within these caves you can see the historical Maastricht Treaty

Maastricht Treaty

In 1465 the existing castle was destroyed by the people of Liège during the Liège Wars. The outbuildings and the prominent corner tower were built in 1611, in the style of the Mosan Renaissance and the main building was built in 1698 by Daniël Wolf van Dopff, lord of Neercanne, at that time the military governor of Maastricht. All present buildings are built from local marl.

On the night of the community dinner, attendees will arrive by bus and guided through the caves before settling down to a fabulous meal with their peers.

Two words of advice to any of you who wish to attend the community dinner:

  1.  Make sure you book your place early as tickets are limited.
  2. Bring a camera!

We hope to see you in Maastricht. Check out all the ticket discounts

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