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EuroSTAR Test Lab – What is it?

  • 19/09/2018
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Our annual software testing conferences are known for the amazing speakers that we invite to help educate all our attendees. From Michael Bolton, Isabel Evans to Fiona Charles, Alan Richardson and many more brilliant speakers who make EuroSTAR one of the best software testing conferences in Europe. But during our conference, attendees can experience more than just tutorial sessions. Among many amazing areas around the hall, there is also an area called the Test Lab. 

What is the Test Lab? Located at the heart of the Expo, the Test Lab is a place run by testers for testers. It is your opportunity to give real, hands-on context to ideas you’ve heard speakers talk about in sessions.You will find puzzles, games and many more brain-teasing games at the Test Lab located at the centre of the EuroSTAR expo space this year. Some real yet fun challenges are run and it’s a perfect opportunity for you to challenge your knowledge!


EuroSTAR Conferences Test Lab

The EuroSTAR Conference Test Lab has become a firm favourite among attending delegates. It gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and to learn something new outside of the conventional classroom setting or your working environment. No matter what your level of experience, and have put together plenty of testing challenges to get you started.

What kind of challenges can we expect this year at the Hague 2018 Software Testing Conference? If you are attending the conference this year, you might be thrilled to hear about robots taking over the attention, you can literally take him for a walk. There are some challenging games and practical sessions also waiting for testers.

What’s more is that this year there will be a chance for attendees to play in certification corner with IoT puzzles designed to illustrate techniques from testing exams. Caring on from the success of last year’s event, the Test Lab Party and Hackathon returns with DJ’s games, and a chance to pick up one of our coveted (yet cheap but very priceless) awards.


EuroSTAR Conferences Test Lab


You’ll find professional software testers sharing how they test, consultants showing you how their ideas change their work, tool makers helping you to use their tools, and all sorts of ways to get your hands into the gritty business of work. Bring your laptops, tablets and smartphones, and join us to rediscover the joy of testing!

In a fine blog post from 2011 Shmuel Gershon described what Test Lab really is: “ It is a fun environment where one can come, meet an unknown tester and set off for an uncommitted testing session. [..] There is something magical in practicing with others – something happens when we experiment and practice… We gain insights when we attend conference track sessions. But we acquire the knowledge as our own property when we experience and share.


So if you want to spice up your EuroSTAR experience and bring back experiential practice, don’t miss the opportunity of meeting passionate people at the Test Lab. And if you want to double-spice it, apply to be the next Test Lab apprentice.”

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