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What is the EuroSTAR TestLab 2011?

  • 18/08/2011
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The idea behind the TestLab comes from Bart Knaack and James Lyndsay. At a conference they had articulated “Why don’t people test at a test conference?” or something like it. After that the idea to form a test lab sprung. They have after that held the testlab at several conferences and have improved the concept continuously.

At 2010, EuroSTAR introduced a competition called EuroSTAR TestLab Apprentices so that others could be part of the TestLab and lead it. In 2011 the winners from 2010, Martin Jansson and Henrik Emilsson, will hold it together with the winners of this year’s competition, namely Reka Burmeister and Robin Anderson.

The test lab consists of one or more servers, a few client machines of various origin and platform, a few applications for testing and lots of people willing to test and talk about testing. There will be both open source test tools and tools installed by the TestLab sponsors.

James and Bart had the wonderful idea on introducing testing at a test conference. What we want to bring is putting some extra focus on the actual test lab. We want a healthy mix of machines to cover as many angles in the platform as possible when we test. We also want to have a set of applications installed that we think are required to have a working test lab at your company. By providing both free open source tools and proprietary tools from our sponsors we aim to show you a broad spectrum of test assisting tools and what kind of help you can get from them.

Beside this we will continue with having short talks between regular tracks as well as various other events that will tickle your minds. The cooperation with the speakers will also continue as before so that they can show the attendees their ideas live in a test situation.

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