Two Fantastic Conferences; One Great Price

For a limited time, we’re giving you the chance to get two outstanding conference experiences in 2018 at one great price. As we celebrate 25 years of EuroSTAR Software Testing Conferences, we’re aiming to bring the European testing community even closer together in 2018 through two dedicated testing conferences spanning SIX days – two days at UKSTAR in London in mid-March 2018 and four intensive days at the 26th EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference taking place at the World Forum in the Hague, Netherlands from 12-15th November 2018.



Get two conferences for €2310 (or €2395 with social events included) if you register on or before January 23rd 2018.

EuroSTAR is Europe’s leading conference on software testing and this year celebrated our 25th software testing conference. In 2017, we also extended this offering to include a brand-new two-day testing conference in the UK and now you have the chance to get both for one price. To avail of the offer, simply book a 4-day ticket to EuroSTAR and we’ll do the rest!



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Can’t attend both? Nominate a colleague to attend one conference in your place.

For queries please email [email protected].