EuroSTAR Volunteer Programme

EuroSTAR Volunteer Programme

EuroSTAR is Europe’s largest software testing conference – bringing software testers and quality assurance professionals together since 1993!

At the heart of EuroSTAR is the incredible community of software engineers, QA engineers, software developers in test as well as test managers and consultants. Finding your tribe is so important and we encourage our attendees to meet fellow testers, network with industry leaders and above all learn from each other.

The EuroSTAR volunteers are a core part of the Conference team. They will interact with delegates from welcoming and assisting with directions to being an active part of our central community hub in the Expo.

We are seeking enthusiastic testers to be part of our 2019 team in Prague from 11-14 Nov. and in return you’ll have the opportunity to attend talks and build your professional network within the European testing community. View each area below for more details on what is required.

CLOSING DATE  – 31st August 2019

What Do EuroSTAR Volunteers Do?

Volunteers exchange work for an opportunity to attend talks and workshops at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference.There are 4 main areas where volunteers get involved as part of our team.

EuroSTAR Cadets

If you are new to software testing and have not experienced a large-scale conference before, this is a chance to be part of Europe’s largest testing event and meet over 1,000 attendees from the Testing Community.

Responsibility: Our Cadets help on the welcome desk and assist with directions as well as general co-ordination duties within the Expo area. If you would like to experience what the EuroSTAR Conference is all about – apply now!

EuroSTAR Community Area

The volunteers in this area will have more experience in testing and ideally experience of conferences and events. Our Community area will be led by Chris Armstrong and he is calling for fellow testers and QA professionals to help enhance the delegate experience, solve testing problems and connect the community. This part of the conference will consist of three areas.

Test Lab

Test Lab is a welcoming space that invites attendees to participate in active testing. There will be organised bug hunts and testing challenges for you to try your hand at. Everyone is welcome whether new to testing or experienced consultants that love the chance to do some hands-on testing again!

Responsibility: The Test Lab Crew invite and welcome attendees to get involved and try out Test Lab. You will also create games and puzzles to challenge the minds of the testers. See more click HERE

Community Huddle

Filled with couches, games, and more, the Huddle is the place to relax, chat about your favourite talks so far or take part in the Lean Coffee, Soap Box events, Meet the Speaker Sofa Sessions and more.

Responsibility:  You’ll connect with speakers in advance of the conference to organise the timetable of Huddle events. You will welcome & interact with delegates during each of the break times.

See more about Huddle


Test Clinic

The Test Clinic is like a “doctor’s clinic” for testing problems. Software testers come here to ask for help with day to day testing issues which are then solved by experts.  No matter the problem, our Test Clinic Team do their best to help.

Responsibility: If you have testing experience and can help people with their testing problems or be comfortable to find a consultant that can then you should apply to volunteer at the Test Clinic. Read more HERE

The successful applicants will be announced on the EuroSTAR blog following the closing date 31st August 2019.

Ready To Be a Part of EuroSTAR?

Complete the application to play a part at the EuroSTAR Conference. Each of the areas are looking for volunteers with particular skills.


  • Volunteer at EuroSTAR Conference


    EuroSTAR Cadet

    Role Requirements:
    • Directing Delegates
    • Staffing Registration Desk
    • Assisting with the build of the Huddle area
    • Track Chairing sessions (if required)

    You will be able to attend sessions on specific days and see what all the hype is about!

    DAYS NEEDED Monday to Thursday


    Community Huddle

    Role Requirements:
    • Good facilitator
    • Good Organiser
    • Keen to help out
    • Quick learner
    • Engaging and great social skills.
    • Ability to “think on your feet”

    The role will require attendance at all the breaks but you will be free to attend some of the sessions.

    DAYS NEEDED Tuesday to Thursday

  • Test Lab at EuroSTAR


    Test Lab

    Role Requirements:
    • Facilitator at heart
    • Strong testing and technical knowledge
    • Creative and Ideas driven
    • Eager to help others with problems

    Being part of the Test Lab is a big commitment. The TestLab takes more preparation & commitment. You don't (usually) get to go to any talks but you do get to meet with testers from all over Europe.

    DAYS NEEDED Monday to Thursday

  • Test Clinic at EuroSTAR


    Test Clinic

    Role Requirements:
    • Strong technical knowledge
    • Problem solver
    • Good communicator
    • Strong Organisation skills

    You will be on hand at all the breaks during the conference but you will be able to attend some sessions.

    DAYS NEEDED Tuesday to Thursday

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