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EuroSTAR Volunteer Programme: Announcing Our 2016 Volunteers

  • 15/09/2016
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Eurostar Volunteer Experience 1024x512-05It’s time to announce the selected volunteers for the Community Huddle, Test Lab, Test Clinic and for our EuroSTAR Cadet Programme.

EuroSTAR is not just run by our Conference team. There is so much happening volunteers become an essential part of the team.

This year at EuroSTAR, we decided to open the process to become a volunteer at EuroSTAR to everyone. The volunteer process was open for almost six weeks. We had many more entries than we expected.

The decision process undertaken by the judging panel was extremely tough. The standard was very, very high and it wasn’t easy to select the final volunteers for the various roles.

Thank you to those that entered and we appreciate you taking the time out to apply.

We have come to decision though and would like to announce the following as the successful EuroSTAR Volunteers for 2016:


Community HuddleEurostar Volunteer Images 170x170 Community Huddle

The successful applicants who will be bringing you the Soap Box, Open Space and Lean Coffee events are:


Nathalie Van Delft

Jan Sahlström

Aleksei Fedorov



Test LabEurostar Volunteer Images 170x170 Test Lab

Joining the Test Lab Masters at the Conference in the Test Lab are:


Eddy Briun

Stefania Ioana Chiorean



Test ClinicEurostar Volunteer Images 170x170 Test Clinic

The new “Doctors” for this year are:


Árpád Tóth

Christin Wiedemann


EuroSTAR CadetEurostar Volunteer Images 170x170 EuroSTAR

A new programme for those who want to get the experience of the Conference. The first ever EuroSTAR cadets are:


Devran Yildirim

Tatjana Kruglova

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