From Panic to Poise: Presentation Skills for Test Professionals

Does the very thought of giving a presentation fill you with fear? Are you skilled at presenting, but eager to strengthen your delivery? Is your speaking confidence in need of an upgrade?

Testing professionals are not known for having the greatest presentation skills. Yet the ability to communicate articulately, whether to your co-workers at a team meeting or to an audience of hundreds, can significantly enhance your credibility, clout, and professional status. Delivering a presentation at work or at professional events is an opportunity to share your insights, convey important information, and gain a reputation as an expert in your topic.

This tutorial will describe the key sources of presentation anxiety and how to overcome them. We’ll review the content, preparation, and delivery components of presenting, and we’ll discuss your presentation concerns. You will be invited to participate in some light-hearted exercises, and a few participants (volunteers only!) will have the opportunity to deliver a brief presentation. As a highly experienced professional speaker who recalls what it was like to be terrified of public speaking, Naomi will offer guidelines, ideas and advice to help you become a polished presenter.

Key Points:

  • Identify your key sources of presentation anxiety and how to eliminate them.
  • Gain numerous ideas for developing, preparing for, and delivering a presentation.
  • Develop competence and confidence as a presenter.

Naomi Karten, Karten Associates, USA

Naomi Karten_200951019232Naomi Karten ( is a highly experienced speaker and seminar leader who draws from her psychology background and IT experience to help organizations improve customer satisfaction, manage change, and strengthen teamwork. As a speaker and consultant for more than 20 years, she has delivered seminars and keynotes to more than 100,000 people internationally. Naomi’s newest book, “Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change,” helps software professionals lead successful change efforts. Her other books and ebooks include “Managing Expectations,” “Communication Gaps and How to Close Them,” and “How to Survive, Excel and Advance as an Introvert.” Her newsletter, “Perceptions & Realities”, consistently receives rave reviews for providing informative, practical content in a smile-generating style. She has also published more than 300 articles online and in business and trade publications.

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