Changing the Context: “How a Bank Changes their Software Development Methodology”

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This session was presented at EuroSTAR Conference 2012 – use the left hand menu to view this year’s Programme.
This is the story about testing at Rabobank International. In this bank OpenUp (an agile approach) is being implemented. Along with OpenUP and Agile Testing courses about one year ago all testers took the Rapid Software Testing class by Michael Bolton. This kicked off change within the whole group of testers. Something happened at Rabobank International… In this talk Huib shares his experience and thoughts on the struggle implementing agile testing and working with things they learned from Rapid Software Testing.

Huib likes to zoom in on things tried at Rabobank International like mind maps, test plans based on heuristics, more focus on testability, low-tech dashboard, exploratory testing, etc. This talk is based on describing what worked for us and what didn’t. What did we do to make it work?

The domain has several completely different business lines. They are different but still in the same organization. Huib works as team manager in a back office where large transactional systems are implemented using middleware and lots of interfaces. Other business lines work with risks calculating systems based on complex models, front office web based systems, general ledger and house keeping systems. In this talk Huib will try to find the common factor in the changes in the different teams. Together with the audience he will try to determine the context factors that make stuff work (and not).

Huib Schoots, Rabobank, Netherlands

W3 - Huib Schoots web_201251141552Huib has 15 years experience in IT and testing. First he became a developer. Soon he discovered that this was not his cup of tea and testing is fun. Huib has experience in various roles as tester, test coordinator, test manager, trainer, coach, but also in (project) management. He is currently team manager testing at Rabobank International. He shares his passion for testing through coaching, training and giving talks. Huib sees himself as a context-driven tester. He is curious, passionate and has (unsuccessfully) attempted to read everything published on software testing ever written. He is a board member of TestNet, the association of testers in the Netherlands. He is a member of DEWT (Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing), student at the Miagi-Do School of Software Testing and maintains a
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