Selenium Clinic

I     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 00:30

This session was presented at EuroSTAR Conference 2012 – use the left hand menu to view this year’s Programme.
Interactive, practical tutorial to acquire additional skills and expertise in designing and writing effective, reliable and efficient automated tests in Selenium 2.0 using Java and the WebDriver API.

Led by 2 experienced Selenium practioners: Simon Stewart – WebDriver’s original developer and a main contributor to the Selenium 2 codebase & Alan Richardson – an experienced test automator and author of a book on Selenium Automation in Java.
* Automation patterns and approaches from the real world.
* Refactoring your code to build abstraction layers to aid your automation efforts
* Answering your questions on automation approaches and challenges you have faced

Expected audience: you will have written automated tests in a programming language using the Selenium APIs

Bring a laptop with your favourite Java Development IDE installed

Alan Richardson & Simon Stewart, Independent Consultant & Selenium Project, UK

Tutorial I - Alan and Stewart web_201252144852After studying computing at University Alan worked as a programmer; writing testing tools for a testing consultancy. He moved into hands on practical testing, and, taking his programming abilities with him, has written tools to help him test. Alan loves getting hands on doing technical exploratory testing, and building automation to check that things keep ticking along. Alan blogs at, and has shared much of his work (and some of his unconventional influences) at He has also written a book on test automation. Over the years he has helped many people test stuff in many different ways; working in management, automation, performance testing, and hands on exploratory testing

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