Seven Questions to Help You on the Path of Testing

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In the current world of software development more and more testers find themselves confronted with a changing or unfamiliar environment. Not only do the approaches used in software development and testing change from more traditionally oriented to lightweight or agile. Also the products and devices that are being tested change. In such a dynamic world many a tester gets to the point where he or she feels the traditional approaches alone do not deliver the right answers anymore.

In this presentation I aim to provide a number of handholds for testers to use in this changing environment. I will do this by showing how to get and how to use the answers to the following seven practical questions:

  1. Why do I want to test?
  2. What will I test?
  3. What questions do I have?
  4. What do I already know?
  5. When will I have achieved my goal?
  6. What have I tested?
  7. What if I do not know how to go further?

By elaborating the answers to these questions with examples I will provide handholds how you, the tester, could find the information objective for a testing mission. How you could identify which areas are of interest for testing. How you could fulfill the goal of your testing mission and that you can often do this better by using heuristics than by following pre-described processes and procedures. And I will provide handholds on how you could determine when your testing execution could end.

But it does not end with the execution of your tests. You also have to know how to deliver your test results. I will provide a few examples from agile testing, from financial testing and from a traditional approach to show how these styles can deliver similar but also very different end reports.

Finally I will provide handholds to help you get on if you are lost for ideas or if you have trouble applying you knowledge to the testing mission.

Jean-Paul Varwijk, Rabobank International, The Netherlands

Jean-Paul Varwijk is a senior Test Analyst at Rabobank International. He has tested and has managed testing of a variety of products such as Data Warehouses, Credit Risk Models, Internet- and Mobile banking.At work he participates in a number of lateral and multi-lateral workgroups on test policy, test improvement, tool strategy and organizes intervision sessions on testing. Outside of work he participates at TestNet meetings, is a member the TestNet Agile workgroup, is a member of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT), is a regular speaker at conferences and actively promotes to follow other testers’ blogs and tweets.

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