Thinking Outside The Locks

Thinking in straight lines is great — if you want to draw chess boards. But if you want to understand people, you need to think in curves, twists and warps. People are non-rational systems on legs, and if you want to spot the mistakes they make, i.e. bugs, you often need to think in non-rational ways. Ian Rowland is an expert in non-rational thinking. He has trained FBI agents to read minds, written jokes for Eddie Izzard, and taught Olympic athletes how to out-psych their opponents. His unique presentation draws on such diverse fields as magic, creative thinking, flying shoes, making things invisible and how to get banned from casinos. He will teach you how to think in ways that are fascinating and beautifully illogical.

Warning: this presentation contains miracles that may hurt your brain.

Ian Rowland, Independent Consultant, UK

Ian Rowland_web_2013410122346Ian Rowland is a writer and trainer from London. He has a special interest in communication and persuasion skills. He has taught persuasion techniques to the FBI and to the British Olympics Team, and was hired by the UK’s Ministry of Defence to tell them how to spot spies and terrorists. Ian has lectured and performed extensively around the world and he has been the subject of numerous magazine and TV features. One of his US TV appearances was seen by an estimated ten million people. In his highly entertaining lectures, Ian likes to feature impossible events and mind-bending surprises, just to prove that every /think/ is possible.

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