Are You a Leader?

AW2     Start Time : 14:00     End Time : 15:00

You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. But what is leadership? It is influence, passion that persuades people to follow your course, exceptional communication skills, and inspiration. Want to see if you have all these qualities of a great leader? If so, let’s play!

I want to introduce and play with you some great games, where you will be able to become a part of a newly formed team, face challenges, train communication, trouble-shooting, and leadership skills.

It is a well-known fact that when babies, young children are having fun they are actually learning some valuable lessons. Playing helps children learn their place in the social world within which they live, help communicate, interact and solve different difficulties they might face in real life.

So, here are some general rules of the games we are going to play:

‘Racer’ game:

Team needs to do laps without ”whites”. Marker should always be touching the board without crossing the lap borders. All players control one marker.

‘Smash Them!’ game:

Team needs to ‘smash’ mosquitoes on the board. All players control one marker. Time for the ‘operation’ is 30 seconds.

Number of players: 6+ Materials: a board, markers, timer Before we play: players are split into teams of 6 to 12 players There are several levels of difficulty each game has to make it more challenging and fun to play (even playing blindfold!). The result: fun, great communication, ability to make a quick decision and help your team to reach the goals, exceptional team spirit and help, experience working effectively with new people and leading them.