Building a World-Class Test Toolsmiths Team

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When I joined Unity two years ago, manual testing was being done by testers, and automation was in the hands of developers. The complexity of the codebase was increasing, the number of test configurations was exploding, and we didn’t scale. Something had to be done. Today, Unity has a world-class team of Test Toolsmiths that works on making our testers, developers, and even customers become better at building quality software.

Building a successful Toolsmiths team is about so much more than test automation. My presentation is about how we have done it by:

  • Building the right tools and frameworks.
  • Placing ourselves in the center of the development process.
  • Pushing our automated integration test suites upstream, to customers and partners, allowing us to catch integration problems early.
  • Shipping groundbreaking test tools to our customers.
  • Speaker

  • Kasper Amstrup Andersen - , Unity Technologies, Denmark

    I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen and have been working professionally with creating and testing software since 2005.

    The last two years, I have been working at Unity Technologies writing tests, tools, and frameworks for the people that use, test, and develop Unity. I lead the Test Toolsmiths team consisting of 7 engineers in Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Odessa.