Decomplexifying Test Data

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LISTEN: Robert & Fredrik’s intro (Fredrik has a sore throat!)

The knowledge of how to procure correct and coherent test data for test cases most often only exists in the minds of the responsible testers. But what if you would want to extract this knowledge and put it in the hands of others, to broaden the knowledge? What if you must extract it, in order to lighten the burden for every tester? If testers could spend less time on test data and more time preparing and executing test cases, what would this do for project velocity?

Once the knowledge is extracted, it can be implemented, published and shared for all testers to use. This is the concept of Base properties, which is one of the means to decomplexify test data.

Key concepts:

  • Each tester was asked to list base properties for their test cases. Made it evident that many test cases share a common base
  • After Base property concept launch, all testers primary focus was test specification and testing, not test data
  • A small test data team addressed test data issues, focusing on building test data motorways
  • Base properties were translated, by the test data team, into test data criterions in SQL, ensuring high quality
  • Testers executed implemented base properties in an on demand fashion to acquire test data
  • Structured reservation of test data was used to avoid test data collisions between teams at different locations
  • The concept was reused for obtaining test data in user acceptance testing, management acceptance testing and even unit testing
  • Speaker

  • Robert Karlsson - , Easit AB, Sweden

    Born in Sweden 1975. Consultant in systems development since 1999. Developer originally, but recent year’s focus has been test data development, test data management, and requirements at many different levels. Experienced analyst, team leader and educator. Employed at Easit since 2004.

  • Fredrik Widen - , Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Sweden

    Born in Sweden 1979. Worked for the Swedish Social Insurance Agency for three years as a tester. I’ve worked with testing in several projects with a focused towards technical testing utilizing shell scripts, some java, test automation and SQL. I’m also an administrator for our current test data tool and have been writing test data queries for other testers as part of that.