Gamification – How to Engage and Get Help from Users of a Test Framework

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We all have obligations in our daily work, and so does the people we require help or information from. How can we encourage people to help us and bring their expertise to the table? The answer is that you turn contributing into a fun game.

I’m a test developer and part of a team developing a test framework thats being used in a global organisation for multiple different systems and users. The users, predominantly testers, spend their days just like you with testing to be done, deadlines to be kept, and new releases always looming around the corner. But the users all use our framework with different systems and tools, with their own unique requirements and own ways of using them.

This leaves us, the development team, always struggling to learn about all the intricacies of their product, wether it’s in Sweden, India, Germany or the US. How do you engage your users, and even get them to eagerly help you fix and improve the very tool they are using themselves – and to top that, how do you get the developers for the different systems involved in contributing new code?

When I realised we needed the help and domain expertise of the users of the test framework we decided to turn contributing into a game – prizes were introduced, titles handed out, and much more. I want to show you how things like a leaderboard was introduced, how public recognition was handed out at demos, and how we also introduced special events and competitions that would award one-time bonuses. Did I mention titles and achievements were awarded to users?

I will present this experience report to show how I did it, what happened and tips and tricks on how you can do this yourself in order to get others to help you out with their unique expertise and knowledge. Could you even take my experience, apply it in your day to day work with developers, and getting them to help fixing a test-stopping bug, or even the architect helping out introducing support in the product for better testability?

  • Speaker

  • Kristoffer Nordström - , Northern Test Consulting AB, Sweden

    Kristoffer Nordström is a Test Developer. During his 9 year career he has worked with technologies such as Telecommunications System, Distributed Compilers, Cloud technology, Smartphone OS development, Embedded systems, and much more.

    He is a testing devotee, and a member of the Context-Driven test community. He runs his own company, consults, and also teaches the course “Python for testers”.

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