How Do You Assess Your Test Manager?

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Peter and Fabian introduce their session:

Some of that written about test managers describes a super-hero; a job description of someone who doesn’t exist. This presentation uses a dialogue between a tester and a test manger discussing ‘test managers’. We then introduce some parameters to assess a test manager. Is this someone who can write a good test plan, deliver X% coverage in the chosen measurement, ensure critical defects are found? Or is it more about teamwork, and leadership? Is he/she performing well, and both doing the right job, and doing the job right? The two views of a test manager’s role enable a practical assessment of the role to be attempted. How will your test manager shape up?

Testers and test managers are different. As we embrace the diversity of the two roles, ‘testing’ can give users what they want; software delivered to the production system in a timely manner, to give real business benefit.

  • Speaker

  • Peter Morgan - , Nicemove Ltd. / Nets A/S, Denmark

    Peter Morgan is a testing professional who has been involved in the ICT industry for more than 30 years, and worked in the freelance marketplace for much of that time. All of his work has been within the UK, mainly as a ‘tester’.

  • Fabian Scarano - , Nets A/S, Denmark

    Fabian Scarano has primarily a ‘test manager’ role in his 16 years experience, after 12 years in the software development domain. He has worked in many different countries in 3 continents, assisting top worldwide companies achieve business benefits in their software product initiatives through test.

    Both Peter and Fabian are experienced speakers and regular EuroSTAR attendees. They each count a wide range of hardware / software / business market segment in their experiences.