I Love Testing So Much, It Inspires Me to Write Poetry

Th2     Start Time : 09:45     End Time : 10:30

WATCH: Ana introduces her track session


I believe testing is an art.

It is something that you feel, something that nurtures your curiosity, steers your passion and challenges your abilities. It requires imagination, creativity, solid technical skills and true craftsmanship.

What is it that makes testing so compellingly seductive?

It is that continuous yearning for a more deeper understanding of products, combined with a symbiotic relationship between the product under test and the people testing it. I find that very inspiring.

In my presentation I will try to guide you in finding your inspiration – show you how to either use testing as inspiration to fuel your passions – as it is with poetry, in my case – or how to borrow elements from your daily lives and transform them into new, innovative, challenging ideas in testing. Care to join me?