Innovative Testing for Take-Off

W18     Start Time : 14:45     End Time : 15:30

With planning and construction of airport-buildings, the functional aspects (like boarding process, functionality of baggage conveyor systems, evacuation process etc.), provided by innovative ICT-Systems, are often underestimated and incompletely considered, integration testing is usually neglected.

Based on our experience of the successful opening of Vienna’s new airport terminal Skylink we will describe the challenges in software testing to combine the needs of functionality and architecture. We merged the requirements of construction and ICT and conducted a well-planned and thorough integration test which showed that standard test methods applied in construction projects, have to be more flexible and tailored to consider additional influences.

Our main finding was, that testing multiple ICT Systems in a fully integrated building requires a new style of leadership and test approach, in order to enable multiple testers to execute the same Test case synchronously in different systems and buildings, verifying the system behaviour in “real-life”.

  • Speaker

  • Alexandra Sumper - , Beratung GmbH, Austria

    Mag. (FH) Alexandra Sumper is software test manager and head of Department “SW Test Automaton & Performance” at „Anecon – Software Design and Consulting“, based in Vienna. She has been working in quality assurance since 1995, – for ANECON since 2006 – specialized in airport and railway consulting and project management.

    She was head of ANECONs Project Team, that coordinated Acceptance of ICT tenders, ICT integration tests, Trainings and ICT setting up operation for the successful Skylink start up at Vienna International Airport.

  • Christian Mastnak - , ANECON Software Design & Beratung G.m.b.H., Austria

    Christian Mastnak is software- test manager and senior test consultant at „ANECON – Software Design and Consulting“. Working in quality assurance for more than 10 years, he has specialized in test automation and process improvement. He coordinated ICT integration testing and developed ICT cut-over and start-up concepts and coordinated their implementation at Vienna International Airport.