KEYNOTE 2: Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Moving from Staged to Pervasive Testing

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Continuous delivery of software in to a production environment enables and empowers a company to respond quickly to changing needs, can reduce the overall cost of deployment and allows companies to gather rapid feedback from customers about the product or service they are providing.

In some industries, this ability to respond quickly to changing markets means the difference between market success and market failure. But the thought of continuous delivery is often scary for testers who may be more familiar with long staged test cycles. In this talk I will relate how we moved from yearly releases to weekly releases and the changes this has had on the way we test our service.

I’ll talk about how our strategy of high test automation coupled with exploratory testing allowed us to change the frequency and nature of our release cycle.

I’ll present the core principles we adopted that underpinned our strategy and walk through some of the testing approaches we put in place.

I’ll present the story of how we do a release and how data and service alerting are crucial to continuous delivery from a testing perspective.

Shifting testing to the left and adopting a DevOps culture requires a different mindset. Using metrics derived from production data from your software guides our testing in a very direct way.

We think differently – could you?

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    Rob Lambert - Engineering Manager, NewVoiceMedia, England

    Rob Lambert is an Engineering Manager building a forward thinking, creative and awesome development team at NewVoiceMedia.

    He’s a serial blogger writing about all things product development and testing at You can find Rob on twitter at @rob_lambert.

    Rob is helping to define software testing for the modern age by challenging stereotypes and defining new ways of organizing and managing testing.

    Rob is an advocate for many social causes volunteering his time for organisations working in the ICT4D sector.

    Rob’s personal mission is to inspire testers to achieve great things in their careers and to take control of their own learning and self-development. Rob is also the author of Remaining Relevant, a book about remaining relevant and employable in today’s shifting industry.

    Rob is married, has three sons and lives in the historic city of Winchester, UK.